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Hello, everyone! Today, I’d like to chat a bit about the Shrine of the Lawgiver.


Caster Draft

Caster Draft is a casual format for WARMACHINE & HORDES. At the start of each event, players receive a unique Warcaster or Warlock that replaces their normal choice. Then, using unique cards, players draft new spells, weapons, abilities, feats, and stat increases to create a custom caster for the tournament. No player will ever play the same caster twice!

First Shot

For 15 years war has engulfed the Iron Kingdoms. In this crucible of conflict, countless warriors have answered the call and forged their legends. Now it is time for those legends to mentor the next generation of heroes.

March 2018 Dynamic Update Developer's Notes

March 2018 Dynamic Update Developer’s Notes: Primal Terrors CID

Below are the adjustments we’ve made to existing models as a result of the Primal Terrors CID cycle. Thanks to all participants for your feedback on our Blighted Ogrun friends during this cycle—we truly appreciate your passion and enthusiasm!

Legion of Everblight

Absylonia, Terror of Everblight

Add the following to the end of Absylonia’s feat Panacea:

Primecast Episode 51

Privateer Press Primecast Episode 51 is Live (literally)!

Privateer Press Moves Portion of Back Catalog to New Special Order Service

Privateer Press Moves Portion of Back Catalog to New Special Order Service

Spring 2018 MiniCrate Preview

Join us for a quick peek at a few of the upcoming minis you can have delivered to your door if you subscribe at today!

Vengeful Deeds

Vengeful Deeds is a one-month narrative league for WARMACHINE, HORDES, and Company of Iron that highlights the revenge of the oppressed peoples of western Immoren, especially those in occupied Llael. Players receive a Draegyn, the Black Bastard miniature and his Company of Iron stat card to use in league games.

Primecast Episode 50

Privateer Press Primecast Episode 50 Is on the Air!

Your hosts, Will Shick and Will Hungerford, introduce Episode 50 with gusto (and Gatormen)! Douglas Seacat, Matt Goetz, and Will Shick continue their discourse on "stuff," this time discussing pirates of Cryx and their loot. Will, Will, and Will (Hungerford, Pagani, Shick) then commence with the "Struggle of Wills," the Legion CID Edition. Convention Manager J.R. Godwin sits with Hungerford to talk about more 2018 events and WARMACHINE's 15th Anniversary! Finally, Shick and Hungerford wrap up and threaten you with a good time at Lock & Load GameFest 2018. Tickets on sale now at!

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