Vengeful Deeds

Vengeful Deeds is a one-month narrative league for WARMACHINE, HORDES, and Company of Iron that highlights the revenge of the oppressed peoples of western Immoren, especially those in occupied Llael. Players receive a Draegyn, the Black Bastard miniature and his Company of Iron stat card to use in league games.

Six narrative scenarios are provided for use in the league—three for Company of Iron games and three for WARMACHINE and HORDES. Each Company of Iron scenario is linked to the subsequent WARMACHINE and HORDES scenario, which provides a bonus to the winner of the first scenario.

Wins and losses are not tracked in Vengeful Deeds, as this league is purely for the fun of the game, but participants can earn special prizes, including new Commander Upgrade cards for Company of Iron.

Vengeful Deeds rules can be found here.

Prize kits can be purchased through distribution, or our online store (viewable only when logged into a registered retail account) here.