November 2020 Dynamic Update

The following rules changes are effective immediately. The changes in this update include the post-CID Trollbloods models, a bit of toning down to some legacy models, and an update to all MK III battlebox warcasters and warlocks. For each change, we first cover what changed and then provide a brief reason why each item was updated. If an update includes a completely new rule or new text for an existing rule, that text is provided.

Trollbloods Warlock Cards

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Shaman of the Gnarls

  • Change first sentence of Feat rules text to:

Enemy models suffer d6 damage points for each focus, fury, or essence point they spend while in Doomshaper’s control range.

Developer’s Notes: The major change here is that Doomshaper 1’s feat now affects infernal horrors and masters. During the Trollbloods pre-CID review, we looked through all of the warlocks and their spells to determine which, if any, needed an alteration to include essence in the rules text in order to interact with Infernals in a more meaningful capacity. Ultimately, we decided that Doomshaper 1 was the only Trollbloods model we wanted to make this change to.

Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller

  • Change first two sentences of Hoof It ability to:

 RNG CMD. Target friendly non-warlock, non-warcaster living Faction model/unit.

Developer’s Notes:  This change came about during our testing of Boomhowler 3 in CID, where it was quickly made clear that Hoof It needed a few more restrictions on the types of models it could affect. As a result, this change trickled over to Grissel’s version as well.

Calandra Truthsayer, Oracle of Glimmerwood

  • Change Befuddle spell text to:

An enemy non-warcaster, non-warlock, non-infernal master model hit by this attack can be pushed up to 3˝ in any direction. A model can be pushed only once per turn as a result of Befuddle.

Developer’s Notes: Befuddle has proven to be a problematic spell. While there are other spells like it that allow a player to change the placement and facing of an enemy model, Befuddle also triggered “advance into” and “end movement” abilities on the enemy model after the spell resolved, which could lead to devasting countercharges and other effects. Thus, we’ve toned Befuddle down while retaining its cheap casting cost.

Ragnor Skysplitter, The Runemaster

  • Increase FURY stat to 7
  • Gain Field Marshal [Weight of Stone] ability

Field Marshal [Weight of Stone] - The melee weapons of warbeasts in this model’s battlegroup gain Weight of Stone.

  • Rumbler melee weapon gains Weight of Stone ability
  • Gain Chosen Ground spell
  • Reduce COST of Pulverizer spell to 2
  • Change first sentence of Pulverizer spell to the following:

Target friendly Faction model/unit gains +2 STR and its melee weapons gain Beatback.

Developer’s Notes:  Ragnor was in a decent place before the update but was missing just a few key elements to really help bring his game play of “Hit you hard then blunt the counterattack” to full viability. With an increase in fury, Ragnor’s feat now has a larger impact on the table, and he also has the resources he needs to cast important spells on the turns when he needs to while still retaining a bit of fury for transfers.

We also added a bit of variety to his spell list by providing Chosen Ground and by bringing Pulverizer in line with the strength of other 2 COST upkeep spells that increase a unit’s melee damage. Weight of Stone encourages a melee-centric battlegroup that typically wants to boost their charge attack rolls to ensure later attacks hit, but it also keep key models in place by reducing their SPD if they can manage to survive the initial barrage of attacks, again playing into the “hit hard and blunt the counterattack” play style.

Madrak, Great Chieftain

  • Add the following sentence to Rallying Cry feat:

The affected model cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement.

  • Increase ARM to 17
  • Gain Field Marshal [Shield Guard] ability
  • Replace model’s Protective Aura ability with Protective Aura [8˝] ability

Protective Aura [8˝] - This model can spend 1 fury point to use Protective Aura at any time during its activation. When it does, friendly Faction models gain +2 ARM while within 8˝ of this model +1˝ for each fury point on this model. Protective Aura lasts for one round.

  • Remove Fortune and Soothing Song spells
  • Gain Battle Lust and Defender’s Ward spells

Developer’s Notes: Unlike Ragnor, who we felt needed a few bumps to get him where we wanted him, Madrak 3 was underperforming more significantly. His feat felt a bit clunky, his spell list wasn't quite right, it felt like he needed a passive buff (such as a Field Marshal) that could define his role as an extremely defensive ’caster, and we wanted his Protective Aura to be a more meaningful option each game.

The changes we made required we redefine how the Protective Aura ability works, in that it’s now variable starting size based on the unit / model that has it, but this helped solve the issues we were trying to fix. Ultimately, we feel Madrak 3 has been put into a good place as a ’caster who can protect and deliver his army and then help them pack a punch once they get there.

 Trollbloods Warbeast Cards

Pyre Troll

  • Change Spew Fire ranged weapon to ROF 2
  • Change Flaming Fists Animus to COST 2, RNG 6, with new text as follows:

 Target friendly Faction model gains +2 to melee damage rolls and Immunity: Fire , and its melee weapons gain Continuous Effect: Fire . Flaming Fists lasts for one round.

Developer’s Notes:  We reviewed all of the lights available to Trollbloods, determined exactly what we wanted them to do in their roles (are they primarily ranged, melee, meant to be survivable, a disruption piece?), and then reviewed their animi as well.

During this process, we identified a few animi we’ve decided Trollbloods, as a Faction, will benefit from greatly if they can be cast on any model in the army. This required several of those animi to go up from COST 1 to COST 2 in exchange for the increased versatility. Many of the changes to warbeasts are reflective of this overall review.

We see the Pyre Troll in a ranged offensive role and thus increased the output of its Spew Fire to better reflect that.

Slag Troll

  • Change Acidic Touch Animus to COST 2, RNG 6, with new text as follows:

Target friendly Faction model gains +2 to melee damage rolls and Immunity: Corrosion and its melee weapons gain the Continuous Effect: Corrosion . Acidic Touch lasts for one round.

  • Gain Peel Back the Layers ability

Peel Back the Layers - This model gains boosted melee attack rolls and melee attack damage rolls against models suffering the Corrosion continuous effect .

  • Claw weapon loses Erosion ability

Developer’s Notes:  Like Flaming Fists, Acidic Touch was also identified as one of the animi we wanted more Faction models to benefit from. The Slag Troll is a hybrid offensive light warbeast, capable of assaulting an enemy and then punching them several times. With Erosion on its ranged and melee attacks, the Slag was pushed a bit too much into “only fight constructs.” We wanted to open up its play options a bit while retaining at least some of that extra strength against constructs.

We've left Erosion on the ranged attack but removed it from the claws. This has been replaced by the addition of the Peel Back the Layers rules first introduced on the Legion Virtues.

Troll Axer

  • Reduce PC to 9

Developer’s Notes:  Compared to the cost of other lights in the Faction, we felt the Axer was slightly over-costed and have priced it more appropriately for its capabilities.

Troll Impaler

  • Reduce PC to 9
  • Increase RAT to 6
  • Gain Assault
  • Gain Follow Up ability
  • Thrown Spear ranged weapon gains Powerful Attack ability

Developer’s Notes:  The Troll Impaler was in tough spot. As a ranged offensive warbeast, it wasn’t packing enough punch and was over-costed. In addition to a point cost reduction and an increase in RAT, we added several new abilities that make the Impaler a credible ranged threat (both distance and potential damage) while providing it a bit of utility that can be utilized in creative ways.

Swamp Troll

  • Reduce ARM to 14
  • Gain Impervious Flesh ability

Developer’s Notes:  We see the Swamp Troll in a defensive role, meant to survive on or near scenario elements while being able to fend off lighter-armored enemies and potentially drag contesting/controlling models away. It wasn’t feeling as defensive as we wanted it to feel, so Impervious Flesh was added to reinforce its role; this required a small ARM decrease to compensate for the strength of the new ability.

Storm Troll

  • Change Lightning Fists Animus to COST 2, RNG 6, with new text as follows:

Target friendly Faction model gains Immunity: Electricity and its melee weapons gain Electro Leap. Lightning Fists lasts for one round. (When a model is hit by a basic attack made with a weapon with Electro Leap, you can have lightning arc to the nearest model within 4˝ of the model hit, ignoring the attacking model. The model the lightning arcs to suffers an unboostable POW 10 electrical damage roll . Lightning arc damage rolls are not considered to have been caused by an attack. Resolve lightning arc damage rolls simultaneously with the damage resulting from the attack that caused the lightning arc.).

  • Reduce PC to 8
  • Increase RAT to 6
  • Claw weapon loses Crit Disruption
  • Claw weapon gains Cortex Damage ability

Developer’s Notes:  We see the Storm Troll in a hybrid offensive / disruption role with a slight lean toward ranged. We also wanted this troll to offer some stronger anti-warjack tech, which isn't common for the Trollbloods as a Faction.

Night Troll

  • Lose Attractor Animus
  • Gain Hypnotic Gaze Animus (stats and text below)

COST 1    RNG Self    AOE –    POW –    DUR RND    OFF No

For one round, enemy models that begin their activation within 3˝ of this model and in its LOS can advance only toward this model.

  • Wicked Claw melee weapon loses Critical Paralysis ability
  • Wicked Claw melee weapon gains Paralysis ability

Developer’s Notes:  We see the Night Troll in a melee disruption role. Once a Night Troll is able to engage the enemy, we wanted it to have more meaningful impact and thus have upgraded its Claws to have flat Paralysis. The addition of a new Animus also means that once a Night Troll has made its way into enemy lines, it cannot be ignored, further adding to its disruptive nature.

Mulg the Ancient

  • Reduce PC to 20

Developer’s Notes:  Overall, we’re happy with Mulg’s performance and role on the tabletop; he just needed a slight points cost reduction in comparison to other warbeasts in the Faction.

Dire Troll Brawler

  • Flail melee weapon gains Beat Back ability

Developer’s Notes:  The Dire Troll Brawler just needed a little bump to help separate it from options such as the Mauler or the Earthborn. With his better than normal melee RNG (for trolls), we decided to make the most of that and give the Brawler the opportunity to fight into enemy lines and threaten a bit farther than normal.

Trollbloods Solo Cards

Trollkin Champion Hero

  • Increase STR to 8
  • Increase ARM to 17
  • Change Great Axe melee weapon P+S to 13

Developer’s Notes:  Overall, the Trollkin Champion Hero felt right in terms of his role and performance, but looking at him conceptually and then at the model, his armor and strength were low compared to his Champion kin.

Troll Whelps

  • Increase FA to 15
  • Reduce PC to 1
  • Change the first sentence of Alternate Food Source ability to:

If this model is within 1˝ of a friendly Faction warbeast during the warbeast’s activation, the warbeast can remove d3+1 damage points.

Developer’s Notes: We wanted trolls to have some PC 1 options to help fill points as needed, and we also wanted to ensure that when a whelp is eaten, it guarantees that a warbeast has all spirals fully functional. Please note that these changes don't affect any theme benefits that still give free whelps, as those benefits specify exactly how many whelps are provided.

Janissa Stonetide

  • Gain Advance Deployment
  • Remove Leadership ability
  • Gain Veteran Leader [Runeshaper] ability

Veteran Leader [Runeshaper] - While in this model’s command range, other friendly Runeshaper models gain +1 to attack rolls.

Developer’s Notes:  With Runeshapers gaining Battle Wizard and Advance Deployment across the board, Janissa needed a new buff for the unit, but we also wanted her to help out Ragnor in the process. Veteran Leader is an ability we think any Runeshaper-heavy list will appreciate.

Horgle Ironstrike

  • Lose Molten Metal spell
  • Gain Ember Spark spell (stats and text below):

COST 2    RNG 10    AOE –     POW 10    DUR –    OFF Yes

Gain an additional die on this spell’s attack rolls if the target is not suffering the Fire continuous effect . Ember Spark causes fire damage . On a hit, the target model suffers the Fire continuous effect .

Developer’s Notes:  Horgle 1 was missing a component to his overall game plan, a way to make sure enemies were on fire. Having an enemy on fire is crucial to triggering his Burnt Meat ability, so we've given him a brand-new spell to help facilitate that, even with his lower FURY stat.

Trollbloods Unit Cards

Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes

  • Reduce Unit PC to 5 /7
  • Replace Leader’s Protective Aura ability with Protective Aura [4˝] ability

Protective Aura [4˝] - This model can spend 1 fury point to use Protective Aura at any time during its activation. When it does, friendly Faction models gain +2 ARM while within 4˝ of this model +1˝ for each fury point on this model. Protective Aura lasts for one round.

Developer’s Notes:  The Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes are a fundamental aspect of most Trollbloods armies. We are happy with how they perform and with their place in the Faction as a key support piece, but we have decided they are taking up a few too many points in basically every Trollbloods list out there.

Additionally, with the change to Protective Aura becoming a variable size due to Madrak 3 changes, we had to update the ability here as well. Despite the new ability name, it functions exactly the same as it always has.

Trollkin Champions

  • Unit gains Relentless Charge ability

Developer’s Notes:  Trollkin Champions were performing how we intended overall, but we felt they suffered a bit more than they should from only having one Skaldi to go around. We wanted this elite unit to be able to reliably deliver itself into combat, which it mostly can thanks to Defensive Line and Sanguine Bond. But the lack of Pathfinder could really hurt running multiple units, which we feel can be critical to certain army builds.

Trollkin Runeshapers

  • Unit gains Advance Deployment
  • Unit gains Battle Wizard ability

Developer’s Notes:  Runeshapers have always been in the position of melee magic users, though they were only really encouraged to get into melee to trigger Battle Wizard if Janissa were nearby. We wanted these units to be able to spread out across the battlefield, to threaten multiple areas with their spells, and to potentially charge into something and fire off a Rock Hammer or a Trembler deeper into enemy lines. The addition of innate Battle Wizard and the return of Advance Deployment to the unit should help facilitate this tactic.

Skaldi Bonehammer

  • Change subtype to:
    Trollbloods Trollkin Northkin Champion Command Attachment
  •  Lose Granted: Relentless Charge ability
  • Gain Granted: Practiced Maneuvers ability

Developer’s Notes:  The Relentless Charge change to Champions meant that Skaldi now needed to provide some different utility to the unit he was attached to, which we quickly determined would be a quality-of-life change to how the unit could get itself into the right combat positions on various turns. We also made the Champion attachment a Champion model because it made sense.

Trollkin Warders

  • Reduce unit PC to 10 /16
  • Unit loses Wall of Steel ability
  • Unit gains Carapace ability
  • Unit gains Roadblock ability

Developer’s Notes:  We wanted to further separate Warders and Champions and cement Warders as the go-to defensive elite unit in Trolls. Part of the issue was that while the unit had Shield Guard, the members of the unit wanted to clump up together due to Wall of Steel. Clumping up, of course, reduced the effectiveness of the unit as Shield Guards for other models.

Instead, we want to see Warders spread out and protect small pockets or individuals, which we feel they do very well now with their new changes. They are not meant to be strong offensive elite models—that is the role of the Champions.

Dhunian Knot

  • Increase unit CMD to 7
  • Unit gains Prayer Circle ability

Prayer Circle - While all three Dhunian Knot models in this unit are in formation, other friendly Faction models whose bases are within the triangular area between them cannot be knocked down or made stationary. Affected models also gain an additional die on magic attack rolls. Discard the lowest die in each roll.

Developer’s Notes:  The Dhunian Knot is a pure support unit, but it felt as if it were lacking something special. Thematically, this is a unit all about protection, healing, magic, and nurturing. The healing and nurturing bit was there, but we wanted to see this unit become more interesting in regards to protection and magic.

Trollbloods Theme Force PDF

Band of Heroes Theme Force

  • Add the following models to army composition:

Horgle Ironstrike

Developer’s Notes:  With the updates to Pyre and Slags, specifically their animi, we wanted to give the option to bring Horgle to BoH theme lists in order to more easily spread the Flaming Fists and Acidic Touch animi in this elite melee army.

Power of Dhunia Theme Force

  • Remove the following benefit:

Dhunian Knot models gain Serenity

  • Add the following benefit:

When a living warbeast in is forced to use its animus while in its controller’s control range, reduce the COST of the animus by 1.

Developer’s Notes: To keep some separation between the new Vengeance of Dhunia and the existing Power of Dhunia, we wanted to increase the benefit of playing beast heavy in a Power of Dhunia army. Previously, this theme used the Serenity benefit on Dhunia Knots to allow you to run loads of beasts hot and potentially keep them from frenzying.

With the changes to several of the elemental light warbeasts' animi—and some of the stronger animi in the Faction—we wanted to take a new approach to fury conservation while giving the beasts a benefit and not requiring the Dhunia Knot to be aggressively positioned (and thus possibly killed).

Vengeance of Dhunia Theme Force

  • Create a new theme force with the following text:

The Trollbloods have suffered for decades at the hands of outsiders, and the infernal invasion was yet another human atrocity that punished the kriels. The infernals had not come to Caen for their souls, but the cosmic horrors still slaughtered the children of Dhunia whenever their forces crossed paths.

During this turmoil, the trollkin rose to the occasion and organized a proper military operation to force the infernals out of trollkin lands and far away from the worshippers of Dhunia. Wartime peace treaties have been negotiated with other non-trollkin Dhunia worshippers, such as the savage farrow, producing the greatest army the enemies of the kriels have ever faced.

Composition Rules

An army made using this theme force can include only the following models:

    • Trollblood warlocks
    • Carver warlocks
    • Helga warlocks
    • Lord Azazello, The Castellan
    • Non-character Trollblood warbeasts
    • Non-character Minion Farrow warbeasts
    • Trollblood Scattergunner models/units
    • Trollblood Barrage models/units
    • Trollblood Slugger models/units
    • Trollblood Champion models/units
    • Dhunian models/units
    • Stone Scribe models/units
    • Pyg models/units
    • Trollblood Weapon Crews
    • Farrow units/solos with ranged weapons
    • Minion Ogrun solos
    • Minion Gobber models/units
    • Minion Trollkin solos
    • War Wagon battle engines
    • Meat Thresher battle engines



Requisitioned models are free models granted by a theme force. The encounter level determines how many options a player receives.

    • One command attachment
    • One Dhunian model/unit
    • One Pyg Tank solo
    • One other small- or medium-based solo without the Lesser Warlock special rule.


    • All models in this army are considered to be Trollblood and Minion models.
    • Models with the Farrow Warlock special rule can include Trollblood warbeasts in their battlegroup.
    • For each model with ’Jack Marshal in this army, you can include one Mercenary warjack.
    • Before models are deployed at the start of the game, you can place up to two trench template terrain features anywhere completely within 20˝ of the rear table edge of your deployment zone. These trench terrain features cannot be placed in contact with a non-trench terrain feature.
    • Warlock models in this army gain Attuned Spirit [Trollblood] (Once per activation, a model with Attuned Spirit [Trollblood] can cast the animus of a Trollblood warbeast in its battlegroup without spending fury).

Developer’s Notes:  This new theme force is both a Trollbloods and a Minions theme force. A Trollbloods player participating in a two-list tournament event could run this theme force as one (or both) of their army lists, as could a Minions player.

Cygnar Warcaster Cards

Major Beth Maddox

  • Gain Flank [Storm Knight]
  • Gain Resourceful
  • Storm Strike ranged weapon gains Electro Leap

Developer’s Notes:  Maddox has a list of great upkeep spells, as well as abilities that indicate she wants to play a mid-range game alongside her Storm Knight comrades, but unfortunately she also had a few issues. First was her focus efficiency—all of those great upkeeps are vital to her game plan but were too costly to try and utilize while also allowing Maddox herself to do more in combat. With the addition of Resourceful, Maddox can put out her key upkeeps turn 1 and then retain them, focus free, as she moves forward.

The addition of Flank [Storm Knight] means Maddox is now a much scarier melee threat when she commits, especially under her feat. Electro Leap on her ranged weapon is a small addition, but it adds a touch of extra utility to her gun as she moves up the field.

Khador Warcaster Cards

Lord Kozlov, Viscount of Scarsgrad

  • Change feat rules text to:

Friendly Faction models currently in Kozlov’s control range gain +2 SPD and ARM. Additionally, friendly Faction models activating in Kozlov’s control range gain an additional die on charge attack damage rolls. Onrush lasts for one round.

  • Gain Gang Fighter
  • Gain Field Marshal [Gang Fighter]

Field Marshal [Gang Fighter] - Warjacks in this model’s battlegroup gain Gang Fighter.

  • Gain Jackhammer spell

Developer’s Notes:  Kozlov lacked a bit of direction in determining what type of army he wanted to run best. Ultimately, we think Kozlov shines best in a melee-focused army with strong battlegroup support. To reinforce this, we upgraded his feat to give a flat SPD and ARM buff (versus Unyielding previously), and we also increased the damage his army can output when they charge. Furthermore, the addition of Gang Fighter to all of his warjacks means his battlegroup can hit very hard as your army engages while Jackhammer helps Kozlov either free up a warjack from melee before it activates or force a warjack to make multiple attacks potentially benefitting from Gang Fighter.

Protectorate Warcaster Cards

Malekus the Burning Truth

  • Gain the Divine Passages ability and sub-menu

Divine Passages - Once per turn at the start of this model’s activation, it can use one of the following effects:

    • Fable of Ash - While within this model’s control range, friendly Faction warrior models gain Ashen Veil. Fable of Ash lasts for one round.
    • Hymn of Might - This model can cast one spell this turn without spending focus.
    • Verse of Cinders - Friendly Faction warjacks activating in this model’s control range gain Blazing Wrath. Verse of Cinders lasts for one turn. (A model with Blazing Wrath can charge enemy models suffering the Fire continuous effect without spending focus.)
  • Remove Immolation spell
  • Gain Brand of Fire spell

Developer’s Notes:  Malekus was missing a bit of versatility in the options available to a player each activation. We specifically were looking for a way to increase player agency when running Malekus and also to increase his fire delivery methods. His new Divine Passages offer a set of powerful and interesting options for a player to choose from each turn, while swapping Immolation for Brand of Fire (which can potentially be cast for free each turn) means Malekus has a bit more control over his fire effect allocation.

Cryx Warcaster Cards

Bane Witch Agathia

  • Change feat text to:

Friendly Faction models/units currently in Agathia’s control range are affected by Ghost Walk. While in Agathia’s control range, friendly Faction models gain Stealth . Additionally, when a model in Agathia’s battlegroup ends its activation in her control range, you can immediately place that model anywhere completely within 3˝ of its location. Shadowfall lasts for one round.

  •  Gain Apparition ability
  • Gain Ghostly ability
  • Lose Dark Shroud ability
  • Gain Death Shroud ability
  • Gain Henchmen [Small-Based Bane] ability

Henchmen [Small-Based Bane] - Choose one friendly small-based Bane unit at the beginning of the game to be Henchmen. The chosen unit gains +2 DEF and MAT and Apparition.

  • Gain  Irregulars [Bane Knight] ability

Irregulars [Bane Knight] - Bane Knight units can be included in any army that also includes Bane Witch Agathia.

Developer’s Notes:  Agathia received some major changes that help her in almost any type of Cryx army. For starters, she can bring Bane Knights in any theme force, thus guaranteeing she always has a target for her Henchmen ability. Her own mobility is increased not just by Apparition and Ghostly but by the fact that her feat now affects herself as well (allowing for two teleports via feat and then Vanish).

Finally, we decided to swap her Dark Shroud for Death Shroud, ensuring that she is a strong mid-line ’caster in any Cryx army.

Retribution Warcaster Cards

Magister Helynna

  • Gain Field Marshal [Conveyance] ability

Field Marshal [Conveyance] - Warjacks in this model’s battlegroup gain Conveyance. (Other friendly models gain +2 to magic attack rolls against enemy models within 5˝ of a friendly model with Conveyance.)

  • Gain Tune Up [Faction warjack] (*action) ability

Tune Up [Faction warjack] (*action) - RNG B2B. Target friendly Faction warjack. If the warjack is in range, all attack and damage rolls resulting from its next basic attack this turn are boosted.

Developer’s Notes:  Helynna was in a fairly solid spot before the update, but we still felt she was missing a couple of key items to help bring her up to where we wanted to see her. Her new Field Marshal means she has a home in any Shyeel-based army while, at the very worst, it helps her land her own spells on enemy models more accurately.

The addition of Tune Up is her biggest change, and it’s a very powerful one, especially on models such as Discordia.

Mercenary Warcaster Cards

Fiona the Black

  • Change Befuddle spell text to:

An enemy non-warcaster, non-warlock, non-infernal master model hit by this attack can be pushed up to 3˝ in any direction. A model can be pushed only once per turn as a result of Befuddle.

Developer’s Notes: See notes under Calandra.

Infernal Solo Cards

Valin Hauke

  • Change Tactician [Infernal] ability on model to Tactician [Faction warrior] ability

Tactician [Faction warrior] - While in this model’s command range, friendly Faction warrior models can ignore other friendly Faction warrior models when determining LOS. Friendly Faction warrior models can advance through other friendly Faction warrior models in this model’s command range if they have enough movement to move completely past them.

Developer’s Notes:  We’ve had some time to observe the play trends and meta impact of Infernals. They are a very powerful Faction and have demonstrated a few interactions we determined to be too powerful. The greatest of these was the Tactician [Infernal] on Valin Hauke, allowing an entire army to move through itself; that was, simply put, too much. We have reduced this to now only affect the Faction warriors in the army, which remains strong, but not as oppressive to play against as the original version.

Infernal Horror Cards


  • Reduce MAT to 6

Developer’s Notes:  Given its PC and threat potential, we determined that MAT 7 was too much on the Tormentor. While its attacks will still be boostable during its own activation, a reduction in MAT will help make Countercharge less of a sure thing and require more essence be spent on important attacks that must land.

Circle Warcaster Cards

Tanith the Feral Song

  • Change feat text to:

While warbeasts in Tanith’s battlegroup are in her control range, she can channel spells through them. Additionally, when Tanith or a warbeast in her battlegroup casts a spell, reduce the COST of the spell by 1. The COST of a spell cast by Tanith cannot be reduced to less than 1. Rites of the Wurm lasts for one turn.

  • Gain Dark Power ability
  • Jaws of the Earth ranged weapon increased to RNG 12, POW 14
  • Jaws of the Earth ranged weapon gains the Blood Boon ability

Developer’s Notes:  First and foremost, Tanith’s feat now stacks with the benefit from the Wild Hunt theme force. The only restriction is that Tanith’s personal spells cannot be reduced below COST 1. Additionally, we have upped Tanith’s ranged and magic threat potential, allowing her to cast a free spell each time she destroys a model with her improved ranged attack and casting her spells with increased efficiency via Dark Power.

Skorne Warcaster Cards

Beast Master Xekaar

  • Increase DEF to 16
  • Increase MAT to 7
  • Gain Parry ability
  • Gain Alpha Hunter ability
  • Gain Reposition [5˝] ability
  • Remove Enrage (*action) ability
  • Chained Whip melee weapon gains Chain Weapon ability
  • Chained Whip melee weapon loses Witch Mark ability
  • Chained Whip melee weapon gains Dispel ability
  • Increase POW of Chained Whip melee weapon to 4 and P+S to 10

Developer’s Notes:  Xekaar received a major overhaul. We swapped Enrage for Alpha Hunter, as Skorne is already capable of applying Enrage as they need it, and stacked with Alpha Hunter really reinforces that Xekaar enjoys running melee beast-centric lists. In order to make Xekaar’s Alpha Hunter meaningful, we had to make Xekaar’s survivability and damage output meaningful as well, so the majority of his changes are centered on his own personal defensive and offensive stats.