No Quarter Magazine: Issue 39

No Quarter # 39 offers more content for Unbound games, more new Theme Forces In Forces of Distinction, and an exciting look at some of the new products headed your way in 2012. In addition, No Quarter covers Gen Con 2011, with all the details on the Masters Tournament and in-depth coverage of the Formula P3 Grandmaster Painting Competition! Never miss an issue!

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The convention season in 2011 was a busy one for Privateer Press. Besides being filled with the usual activity—staffing the booth, running events, and meeting tons of enthusiastic players—this year saw several big announcements about future Privateer Press products. Lock & Load and Gen Con both generated some incredibly exciting news about what's headed your way in 2012. Well, the time has come to pull back the curtain a bit and showcase some of the products coming out in the near future.

Scenery plays an important role in creating a narrative for your battlefield environment. In No Quarter Magazine #36, we discussed how to make Iron Kingdoms-themed hills. This time around, we are going to cover linear obstacles.

Linear obstacles are a terrain element present on nearly every game table; they provide cover from ranged attacks and create physical boundaries in the landscape. Stone walls and hedges are very commonplace but become rather boring after a while and can even seem out of place in certain environments.

Those foolish enough to wander into the wild, untamed places of western Immoren face many perils. From ravening beasts to fierce tribes of savage warriors, the deep forests hide all manner of terrible dangers. Some dangers are not as obvious as others, and explorers who find themselves in a clear forest glade surrounded by moss-covered boulders may be in life-threatening jeopardy without even knowing it. Such places are often sacred to the druids of the Circle Orboros and are protected by some of their most potent guardians: the great constructs known as wolds.

A great model just looks sad and out-of-place on a plain black disc. Sure, you could add some sand, a bit of flocking, maybe the odd bit of mulch. That would certainly be better. However, we know for a fact that the modelers and painters in our community take just as much time and care with the bases their models rest upon as they do with the models themselves. So we want to see your best bases! Design a faction-themed base for your model and show us that a base isn't just something for a model to stand on.

In this installment of Power Progression, I'm going to focus on what I believe are the strongest qualities of the Skorne: aggressiveness, speed, unpredictable movement, and brute force. In my experience, the Skorne perform best when you're quickly closing the gap between you and your opponent, pushing him into difficult decisions, and then capitalizing on the mistakes he makes.

Megalith, Baldur's wold masterpiece, was crafted with the still-living branches of great trees growing from its frame. For this modification, I have highlighted this aspect of the giant wold, showing its branches in their fullest expression, reaching and gathering sustenance from the brilliant sun above.

This project highlights the chemistry between miniatures and terrain, integrating techniques of both into a cohesive piece. I will go over how I used tree armatures and some simple sculpting techniques to achieve this striking modification.

As always, your coin has been well spent in pursuit of my latest subject. To fully understand Dartan Vilmon and the order he serves, I think a bit of history is in order. One must understand how the Order of the Wall functions within the Protectorate of Menoth to fully grasp how High Paladin Dartan Vilmon has influenced both his own order and recent monumental events in the Protectorate. Additionally, Vilmon is at the very center of a schism between the Order of the Wall and the ruling scrutators; in fact, it could be said he is one of its prime instigators.

Represent your faction in style! The Armory gives you faction-specific templates to represent your favorite spells, feats, and effects. These templates represent some specific Cryx spells and effects. Feel free to photocopy them for your next game.

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