No Quarter Magazine: Issue 37

Get a look at the first previews of HORDES: Domination in No #37! Also, Forces of Distinction returns for its fourth installment with all new Theme Forces for WARMACHINE and HORDES. In addition, Guts & Gears sheds some light on the powerful Ogrun Assault Corps, and Power Progression shows you how to build an unstoppable Four Star Mercenary army!

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Before there was WARMACHINE, HORDES, Monsterpocalypse, or any of the Privateer Press games we all know and love, there was the Witchfire Trilogy. This series of RPG modules released in 2002 introduced a character that has, in many ways, become the iconic poster girl of the Iron Kingdoms: Alexia Ciannor.

Since our live demonstration at Gen Con last year, we've been head-down in development, quietly preparing for our moment to strike. For this article, we'll raise our code-weary heads, rub our video-blurred eyes, and come up for some air just long enough to tell you what we've been up to.

You've all come to pledge yourself to the assault corps of Great Clan Udo here at Horgenhold. You think you deserve this honor because you're tough as a mountain and powerful as an avalanche. Well I'm here to tell you that right now you ain't more than gobber dreck on the bottom of my boot heel until you prove otherwise.

Western Immoren abounds with strange monsters and beasts, and while many of these horrors of the wilds have found service with powerful warlocks, we know there are more critters out there just waiting to be discovered. So, show us what's hiding in those dark woods, dank bogs, or secluded mountain peaks. Using parts from other warbeasts, create a whole new warbeast (complete with an awesome name), paint it up, and then show us your masterful creation. That's right; this is your opportunity to build a new warbeast!

Alexia Ciannor holds a special place for me; she represents my first encounter with the world of the Iron Kingdoms. Her haunting eyes staring up at me from the cover of the Witchfire Trilogy was all it took to hook me. So it was with excitement and pride that I embarked on painting the epic version of Alexia for Privateer Press' 10th anniversary. In the following pages, every step of the journey has been recorded so you can follow along as this classic icon is once again brought to life.

After the liberation of Corvis from Vinter Raelthorne and his skorne allies, Alexia Ciannor relinquished the Witchfire to her uncle Prelate Pandor Dumas and the Church of Morrow. The prelate immediately contacted the Order of Illumination and arranged for the sword to be sent south and locked away in the Sancteum. To ensure the Witchfire would not fall into the wrong hands, the Order dispatched four Illuminated Ones to escort the sword—securely stowed in an armored carriage—on the long road between Corvis and Caspia.

These scenarios have been designed with the scale of Unbound battles in mind. They reflect titanic clashes between armies in the midst of war and cover a broad selection of missions and battlefield conditions.

Unbound scenarios are more narrative and mission-oriented than those used in organized play, which are generally considered to be purely competitive. We believe these scenarios are more appropriate for Unbound games than a quick race to the finish.

Despite me being a player of many factions, it might surprise some to hear me say that I consider Mercenaries to be my most competitive faction. Over the last eight years, I've dabbled in every faction in WARMACHINE and HORDES. Though my attention has come and gone for many, there are a few that I stick with for various reasons, be it for the background, painting and aesthetic value, playstyle preference, or some combination of the three. Then there are a few factions I keep primarily because I find them to be ideal choices for competitive play.

The Battle Report in No Quarter #37 introduces two of the new warcasters from WARMACHINE: Wrath, pitting the Protectorate dynamo Thyra, Flame of Sorrow against the necromantic prowess of Cryx's Lord Exhumator Scaverous. This Battle Report also marks the first appearance of Will Hungerford, retail support manager here at Privateer Press. Will brings to the table a boatload of experience with tournament-level WARMACHINE, an encyclopedic knowledge of the rules, and a level of gaming bloodthirst that's more than a little disturbing.

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