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I have a confession to make. One that often sets me apart from others working and playing within the gaming industry. Since this is a new year and a time for resolution, I think it's high time I get this off my chest...

Minions represent a unique challenge when it comes to strategy and tactics because they represent not one army but several. There are the secretive gatormen of the Blindwater Congregation, the tenacious Farrow of Lord Carver's Thornfall Alliance, and there are minions throughout the Iron Kingdoms who serve faction armies in their own pursuits.

WARMACHINE: Wrath introduces players to the first in a new breed of model type: Ranking Officers. Much like Cavalry models or 'Jack Marshals, Ranking Officers follow a number of core rules for their model type. However, these rules do not appear on the individual cards. The core rules for Ranking Officers appear in WARMACHINE: Wrath and are previewed below.

Before the prey could bring his weapon up to ward off the blow, the hunter smashed the razor edge of its shield down between the trollkin's head and left shoulder, shattering the collarbone and driving the metal edge of the buckler deep into his flesh...

Your grace, per your command I shall provide an account of recent hostilities against foreign powers threatening our theocracy. I share this information not to cast aspersions on the decisions of our hierarch, long may he reign, nor the leading officers, knights, and priests of the Northern Crusade. Rather, I relate this incident so the Synod has a complete understanding of threats abroad that could impact the holy capital or our sacred southern lands...

Theme Forces offer players the opportunity to play thematic armies that spotlight particular aspects of a warcaster's character or history. From time to time, Privateer Press will introduce new Theme Forces in the pages of No Quarter Magazine. These Theme Forces are "fair game" upon publication and usable in our organized play events.

Give your model the look of an action hero that's taken a hit, and been cut, bruised, and bloodied. We're going to storm the Nakatomi building in this article and show you a few tips that will transform your pretty boys into the types not taken home for dinner...

Building an army for WARMACHINE from the ground up is always an exciting prospect to me. The opportunity to assemble, customize, and learn a whole new force is what keeps me coming back time after time. Even small tweaks here and there can lead to a whole new project. Sometimes, however, all it takes is a new kid on the block...

One would think the crimes of the Cygnaran traitor Saxon Orrik are exceedingly well documented, and this is true…to a point. His expulsion from the Cygnaran military and subsequent imprisonment is a matter of record. Documentation pertaining to Orrik's career is nearly impossible to find, however, and what files do exist are so vague they are nearly useless...

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