Trademarks and Copyrights
What properties are currently being protected by Privateer Press, Inc. (hereafter known as Privateer)?
The following is the most current list of the protected properties of Privateer. This list should in no way be considered limiting. Any product or service created by Privateer failing to appear here does not constitute a waiver of any rights to that trademark or copyright. All other trademarks appearing on websites owned by Privateer are property of their respective owners.
Primary Trademark Related Trademark Mark Associated Logo Description
Privateer Press ® Yes Company
WARMACHINE ® Yes Table Top Wargame
Convergence of Cyriss ® Yes Faction
Convergence Yes Faction Nickname
Cryx ® Yes Faction
Cygnar ® Yes Faction
Khador ® Yes Faction
Protectorate of Menoth ® Yes Faction
Protectorate Yes Faction Nickname
Retribution of Scryah ® Yes Faction
Retribution Yes Faction Nickname
Mercenaries ™ for logo Yes Faction
Steam-powered Miniatures Combat No Slogan
warcaster ® No "Steam-armored, magic-wielding, Warjack controlling Generals."
warjack ® No Steam-Powered automatons of war
WARMACHINE: Prime No Books
Forces of WARMACHINE No Books
HORDES ® Yes Table-Top Wargame
Circle Orboros ® Yes Faction
Legion of Everblight ® Yes Faction
Legion Yes Faction Nickname
Skorne ® Yes Faction
Trollbloods ® Yes Faction
Trollblood Yes Faction Nickname
Minions ™ for logo Yes Faction
Monsterous Miniatures Combat No Slogan
warbeast No Beasts controlled by Warlocks
HORDES: Primal No Book
Forces of HORDES No Books
Iron Kingdoms ® Yes Role Playing Game
Immoren No Fantasy World
The Witchfire Trilogy Yes Module
Monsternomicon Yes Book
Monsterpocalypse ® Yes Collectible Miniatures Game
G.U.A.R.D. No Faction
Planet Eaters No Faction
Lords of Cthul No Faction
Martian Menace No Faction
Terrasaurs No Faction
Shadow Sun Syndicate No Faction
"Ashes to Ashes Coast to Coast" No Slogan
Empire of the Apes No Faction
Subterran Uprising No Faction
Elemental Champions No Faction
Savage Swarm No Faction
Tritons No Faction
ÜberCorp International No Faction
BODGERS Yes Traditional Games
Formula P3 Yes Hobby line
Formula P3 Hobby Series Yes Educational Line
No Quarter Magazine Yes Magazine
Skull Island eXpeditions Yes Book Imprint
What can I do with Privateer copyrighted materials? i.e. Can I make Fan Art? Can I write new stories about the characters? Can I use “X” on my web site?
Generally, Privateer has historically been very lenient on unauthorized uses of our copyrighted and trademarked materials. We approve and foster the creative energies of our players and therefore have approved the use of our copyrights for the creation of fan art and fan fiction on an individual basis. Our only stipulation is that any works created utilizing our trademarks or copyrights maintain their appropriate protections and they are never used for personal enrichment. Any use of the trademarks or copyrighted materials for profit, or attempts to dilute or misrepresent ownership of the marks shall result in an immediate request to cease such activity, failure to do so resulting in legal action which may include criminal charges. Never inline link or hotlink to any images or resources available on Privateer web pages, we need our bandwidth. The following line should be attached to the bottom of any web page where our properties might appear.
Images originating from the Privateer Press website are © 2001—2022 Privateer Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved. <name of trademarks appearing (see above)> and their logos are trademarks of Privateer Press, Inc. Images and trademarks used without permission. This website is unofficial and is not endorsed by Privateer Press.
For example, a web page with the WARMACHINE and HORDES logo would read:
Images originating from the Privateer Press website are © 2001—2022 Privateer Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved. WARMACHINE ®, HORDES, and their logos are trademarks of Privateer Press, Inc. Images and trademarks used without permission. This website is unofficial and is not endorsed by Privateer Press.
I was thinking about making movies and/or video games based on one of your games…
Due to the on-going efforts of Privateer and other rightfully licensed third parties we request that you do not attempt to make video games or film adaptations based on the intellectual properties of Privateer.
I am a brick and mortar retailer, what can I use from your site to enhance my site?
Brick and mortar retailers may use any logos, text, or pictures in order to enhance their ability to market our product so long as they maintain the trademarks and copyright protections on their site as well.
I just want to sell stuff on e-bay, can I use content from your site to do that?
At this time we ask that you do not use our copyrighted images and trademarks in relation to any online auctions. Never associate third party products or intellectual properties with our products or properties in your listings. If you really want to resell your old stuff online just take your own pictures.
I would like to make a web site using one of your trademarks in the domain, is that cool?
Unfortunately, using one of our trademarks in your domain name might lead to confusion as to who runs the site. Unless you are specifically given written permission you are not allowed to use our trademarks in association to your website domain name.
So I got this sweet idea about this new game called “AwesomeSauce”! a.k.a. Unsolicited Ideas.
Please do not send Privateer unsolicited ideas for… well anything. Chances are we may already be working on something similar. The last thing we would want you to believe is that we stole an idea from you. If, despite our best prayers here, you decide to send something anyway understand that it will most likely be thrown out without consideration and will not be treated with any sort of confidentiality whatsoever.
I would like to live stream or record WARMACHINE and HORDES games and post them to the internet! Is that cool?
Absolutely! Feel free to record and stream all of the action of your games at home or in your local tournament scene right to the web. We just have a few simple requests:

If you are recording or streaming from your local game store make sure to get the owner’s permission first and make sure that everyone being recorded or streamed is comfortable with appearing in your production. In the event that you are recording at a convention please make sure that you are complying with the convention rules in that regard. At official Privateer Press events we may ask that recording and live streaming of our tournaments and games be limited in some capacity in order to facilitate the event or allow for official coverage of the event.

We would ask that you do not add any Privateer Press trade dress or assets to the stream or recording that is not “in camera”. Effectively, editing, overlaying, or otherwise manipulating our logos, art, or trade dress in order to create an on screen graphic or graphic overlay is not permitted at this time. Referencing direct wordings of the rules and cards is encouraged for a good viewing experience but please keep the references in context to the game being played.
Permission is hereby granted to photocopy the Theme Forces section from the Forces of WARMACHINE and HORDES books as well as any theme forces appearing in No Quarter Magazine for personal, non-commercial use only and subject to the terms found within those original source materials.
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