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Hello everybody, my name is Adam Johnson, and I am the Customer Support here at Privateer Press.

Let me start this blog off by coming clean and admitting that my favorite horror character is the werewolf.

When I accepted the job of Editorial Manager here at Privateer Press, I knew I had some catching up to do: I’d worked in the industry for years but had experienced little exposure to Privateer games.

I had a long weekend for Memorial Day, and I thought I’d tell you about some of my adventures.

Let’s talk about the extreme sculpts.

I read an interesting thread on the forums today about the delay with Forces of WARMACHINE: Cryx. One player was insistent that we were delaying it further than necessary. Another brought up the difference between shipping time to New York versus California. Now granted, if the guy who made the first post lived right outside the warehouse in his car, we could get him a copy of Forces of WARMACHINE: Cryx today (though that would mean breaking our street date, which we don’t do, so don’t move here and live in your car).

One of the worst things about working at Privateer Press is access to all of these wonderful models. That’s right; too many choices.

Playtesting and new releases have me wanting to build Cryx Theme Forces, Skorne Theme Forces, and Legion Theme Forces. A Skarre-led Satyxis force? Great! A Skorne force with lots of big beasts? On it! A Legion army with a Shredder swarm and all sorts of other toothy things that go chomp in the night? Why not?

Fleshing out a world requires a lot of hard work. To breathe life into your world, you have to think of every aspect of life in that world, such as how people live, what they eat, and what they believe. As you start to develop cultural diversity in your world, things only become more difficult as you give each race, tribe, and nation its own unique history, motivations, and traditions.

In this entry, I’d like to relate some of my experiences at the recent Invitational Weekend. It was a blast, and a good time was had by one and all. However, beyond the food and fun, the Invitational was important to me for another reason. As a relative noob to WARMACHINE and HORDES, I was thrilled to have some of the most educated players in the world all in one place.

Maybe I’m late to the party, but since everyone seems to love Dominar Rasheth so much, I thought I’d talk a little about my involvement in bringing his fat face to life.

The Privateer Press Invitational is an annual event held in the hallowed halls of our offices. The idea is we invite our volunteers to come and spend a weekend playing the games they work so hard to promote. As a way to celebrate the huge success of Mk II and the Shattered Grounds league, we put together a special Invitational Shattered Grounds league just for the weekend. This special league came with a special stamp for players’ Battle Journals that had the commendation and stratagem tree for the weekend league.

This past weekend was quite an experience. Press Gangers and other sundry Privateer Press volunteers from as far away as Alaska and London descended on Bellevue for the Privateer Press Invitational Weekend.

Continuing the Farrow theme from my last blog, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at one of the newest additions to the list of HORDES warlocks: Lord Carver, BMMD (Bringer of Most Massive Destruction), Esquire, the Third.  As the first fully-fledged Warlock for the Farrow (sorry Rorsh), there was a need to create a character with a lot of presence and charisma. From the earliest stages of developing Lord Carver there was a clear idea of the type of model we wanted out of him.  

Rob Hawkins mentioned in his most recent blog that nothing motivates a person to get painting more than an upcoming event.  He is right on the money there.  Sure, I have been steadily picking away at getting my 28th Assault Battalion up and ready, but in the past couple of weeks, I entered turbo drive mode to get my force ready for the Privateer Press Invitational.  Nothing enhances the play experience like fighting with and against a fully painted army.

When I first started at Privateer I decided to start a new army and jump
feet first into a fresh miniatures project. After some deep soul searching I decided that the Skorne would be my grand new army.
The Skorne possessed a rich visual and cultural aesthetic that defined
their race and character that really stood out to me. The massive warbeasts, legions of exotic troops, and the vile hearted warlocks looked like nothing else I had seen before, and it wasn’t long until I had amassed a literal legion of Skorne miniatures.

Being an editor-in-chief means I get to wear a lot of creative hats. It’s what’s great about the job: everyday I do something different. I write a bit, edit a bit, and even do a little layout when necessary. However, as much as I enjoy all those things, what I really look forward to is the letter from the editor I write in each issue.

In my last blog, I wrote about the Iron Arena format and the “Staff Challenges” that could give players additional tickets for Iron Arena prizes. Without further ado, I’d like to present the first Iron Arena Staff Challenge: 

Show a fully painted WARMACHINE or HORDES model/unit based on one of the Shattered Grounds season models to the volunteer running the Iron Arena table. This challenge can be completed once per person. 

Today, I’d like to write a bit about those season models and how they came to be a part of Shattered Grounds. Go go, segue power! 

Well, it’s been a few weeks since my last Privateer Staff XGL update, and in no time, NQ 30 will be on shelves with the dramatic conclusion of the league as well as the team builds for the two teams that battled their way to the XGL Championship finals. I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that everyone who took part in this multi-week league had an absolute blast with plenty of rivalries, old and new, just waiting for the next opportunity to be settled in the Grind Arena.

With the Privateer Press invitational event coming up next weekend, I thought it would be a good time to get my Protectorate forces in shape. I always get more painting done before events and tournaments. The looming deadline of the event serves as an excellent motivator to finish the odd model or start painting that unit I keep putting off.

This is an open letter to Press Gangers, tournament and league judges, and event organizers of all stripes:

I hereby empower you to be wrong.