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Convention season is here, and with its arrival the Insider is going to change format for a few weeks!

Gen Con is almost here, and I am utterly determined to prove that Privateer Press has the best-dressed fans in all of tabletop gaming.

I started a new unit, the Immortals, for my Skorne army.

Typos come with the territory for an editor. Most of them we fix without a second’s thought, but occasionally there are those that make us pause to appreciate the glory of an error-induced perspective.

Today, I’ve decided to talk a bit about the playtest process.

I spend an enormous amount of time drawing the rivets, belt-buckles, straps and bladed edges that make up the Iron Kingdoms.

Back in May, Privateer held their fourth annual invitational for many of our friends and volunteers.

Usually, the first thing I am asked about sculpting models by others is, "What is that made of?”

I knew my time was coming. From my first day here at Privateer Press, I was told Simon would be gunning for me to write my first insider blog. Well, I hid as long as I could. This is going to hurt.

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about WARMACHINE and HORDES is building army lists. When I was packing for my move to Washington, I came across all kinds of old Cygnar lists I had put together back in 2005 when I just started playing.

As many long-time WARMACHINE and HORDES players are certainly aware, it’s easy to become fixated on a certain warcaster or warlock.

In the most recent issue of No Quarter Magazine, studio painter Matt Dipietro wrote an excellent article on Cryx speed-painting techniques that the staff used to paint a huge army of undead nastiness in time for Adepticon 2010.

Recently, a 3D modeling student asked if she could use Epic Doomshaper as a basis for a modeling project for her school program.

For this week’s blog, I want to explain why this week's blog is late.

The best part of my duties as Community Manager (when I can tear myself away from writing fiction) is being immersed in the enthusiasm of our audience.

I just completed my final proofing pass over the final round of Mk II HORDES cards.

The photography for Forces of HORDES: Trollbloods is in the can.

Hey there, peeps! The last time we talked I was showing you how I make a figure from scratch.

Writing isn’t always about words. Sometimes it’s about numbers.