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First of all, let me join the chorus in saying how much I enjoyed seeing those of you who came to Lock & Load. I’ve been to many gaming conventions over the years, and I have to say, you guys are the best. I saw players going out of their way to teach and encourage newbies, bringing their most competitive edge to the table, lending models so someone could play, and cheering on perfect strangers in games and other competitions over the weekend. What a fun and supportive community! I hope to see even more of you at Lock & Load 2012.

A lot of folks have mentioned Lock & Load on recent Privateer Insiders to discuss classes or hobby elements or their games on the tabletop field of battle. One part of Lock & Load that had particular significance to me was the Saturday night announcement panel.

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend while meeting new people at conventions. About a third of the time the first thing out of their mouths is “I want to break your hands.” I always try to take this as the backwards compliment that it is intended to be but for those who really want to have a go at my hands you better get them both. I’ve been painting one handed in the studio this last week due to an elbow fracture, and while my speed might be reduced, my determination is unwavering. I know its been said a lot lately but Lock and Load was a blast! I wanted to say how great it was to meet all the awesome people who enjoy our hobby. I’m already looking forward to next year, but please guys, lets shake hands not break hands!

Our first Lock & Load GameFest was a great experience for all of us. I had not anticipated how tremendous it would be to have so many Privateer Press fans gathered in one place for a weekend of fun. For my part, while other staff members slaved away doing real work, I was lucky enough to sit on two different panels and interact with attendees. For me, this involved a dash of lecturing with a heaping side of questions to answer.

Attendees of Lock & Load GameFest 2011 were treated to sneak peeks of a lot of the upcoming artwork from HORDES: Domination, and since then, I have seen a lot of blurry images floating around the internet. So, because I can, I would like to give you a clearer look at two of these pieces of art.

I want to thank everyone for such a wonderful Lock & Load. I could not ask for a better group of gamers and hobbyists to hang out with over the weekend.

Hi! My name is Meg Maples, and I’m the new staff painter at Privateer Press. I started painting in 2004 when I was introduced to the world of role playing games in my undergrad. I had never been a part of the gaming world before and didn’t even know of its existence before then. I had always enjoyed building model cars and rockets as a kid and had hoped for a doll house. Smaller scale toys had always fascinated me, and when I was introduced to gaming, I gravitated toward painting.

Hi. I’m the new guy on the development team here at Privateer Press, and as I understand is tradition, my first Insider will tell you a little about how I got here and what I’ll be doing.

Hey Everybody,

I'm Ben Misenar, the digital sculptor for Privateer Press. I've worked in the gaming industry for six years, and I got my start in print production and steadily worked my way into sculpting.

I’ve been with Privateer Press for eight years, and I’m one of the very first pewter-slingers. In that time, I have worn many hats. Most recently, I moved into mold making, but many of you may know me as PPS_Alex. In this guise, I am part of our effort to get our online store fully stocked and ready to go. I’ve pulled orders, helped pack, taken part in playtests, assembled and sent out organized play materials, helped feed the hungry maw of our Gen Con booth, and much more.

To some of you, I’m a familiar face returning to the pages of the Insider. To others, I am a fresh-faced enigma. Rather than leaving many of you scratching your heads, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chris Walton, and I am the new concept art and illustration art director at Privateer Press. It’s my job to hire concept artists and illustrators who design and breathe life into the worlds of Privateer Press. It’s a daunting job, and I’ve got some very big shoes to fill left by the people who’ve held this position in the past. What would possibly make me think I am up to the task?

At Privateer Press, we’re constantly working on ways to improve your WARMACHINE and HORDES gaming experience. Right now, I’ve got a lot of cool new projects I’m working on that I think everyone is going to love. Today, I want to share one with you.

This weekend is the first annual Lock & Load GameFest: for fans of Privateer Press, absolutely the place to be for the best gaming action in the country. However, we certainly understand that not all our loyal fans and supporters can make the trek out to Seattle and join us for two days of gaming fun. No Quarter Magazine is not about to leave you hanging, so for those of you unable to attend Lock & Load, I’m here to offer you the next best thing!

We’ve begun to preview the new Monsterpocalypse quantum forms debuting at Gen Con 2011, and folks have started to really dig into the tactical options these new monster forms provide. I’ve decided to use today’s blog to get in on the action and put my own two cents in on the previewed monster forms.


This week, I am proud to reveal one of the amazing new warlocks from the upcoming HORDES: Domination.

With another Impossible Dream Challenge out of the way, it’s time to figure out what the next painting project should be. The 50-point Tier 4 Vyros list is finally painted, and I’m putting the final touches on some other models. HORDES: Domination has me turning my eye toward reworking my Trollbloods and adding detail to the 100-point Circle army.
But rather than talk about my painting projects, there are a few things coming up that should be of interest to our community.

Today, I want to share with you a unique experience in which I recently had the privilege of participating. I played my very first Battle Report for No Quarter Magazine! When I first started playing WARMACHINE seven years ago, I never imagined that one day I would be playing a game against one of the developers of WARMACHINE. The whole experience was surreal, and honestly, a total blast!

The launch of Mk II has brought many new players into the games. From certain forum questions it is obvious that not everyone has a clear picture of how the factions get along. It can sometimes be confusing to keep track of who’s fighting whom, and where the most hatred and bile are directed at any given moment. I created a nice little color-coded chart that should make determining faction relations simple!

Lock & Load is approaching very quickly, and nobody at Privateer Press Headquarters is more eager for the GameFest to arrive than myself. There are many reasons to be excited about the event, but what tops the list for me is the fact that I haven’t been asked to work the show!


If we’re going to be seeing you at Lock & Load and you do any sort of writing—whether for fun, profit, or penance—this could be your lucky day. Naturally I’ll be there, along with the rest of the Privateer staff, and I’m setting aside a bit of time to meet with a few attendees and help them polish up their writing skills or improve a particular piece. That’s right: six of you will have the chance for a brief one-on-one with a bona fide professional editor. And most of the time I’m not too mean. ;)