Vengeful Deeds Overview

This March, the first narrative league of 2018 begins with Vengeful Deeds. Like last November’s Feast of the Fallen, this is a shared WARMACHINE & HORDES / Company of Iron league. In fact, there are a total of six narrative scenarios included in Vengeful Deeds, broken down into three linked sets. Each set includes a COI scenario to play first and then a WARMACHINE & HORDES scenario to play after, with changing rules based on the results of the COI game.

It's a ton of fun to play through these linked “mini-campaigns” and to utilize many of the new Revenge mechanics, which often provide a rather nasty (and vengeful, of course) benefit to the player who lost the first scenario in a set to help fight back against the rewards the winner received. One of the coolest aspects of this league, however, is the inclusion of an old-school model that just oozes a ruthless and suave vibe.

Draegyn the Black Bastard, one of the original IKRPG miniatures, is the participation prize for anyone taking part in the Vengeful Deeds league. Better still, you’ll also receive a stat card for him that is legal for ALL Company of Iron games and events (not just this league) as well as legal to play in all official WARMACHINE & HORDES narrative leagues in the future. Let’s take a look, shall we?


First, you’ll notice that Draegyn’s rules very specifically indicate where he is legal and illegal in regards to Organized Play events. You can’t play him in your local Steamroller (unless the EO is making exceptions), but you can play him in plenty of other events. The second thing you’ve probably noticed is that this fella is packing some serious heat!

He has a ROF 2, RNG 8, POW 10 Repeating Pistol that can do some serious damage thanks to his Backstab ability, which provides an additional die on attack and damage rolls when completely in the back arc of his target. But my personal favorite weapon of his is the Holdout Pistol.

The Holdout Pistol is RNG 8, POW 10, and has the Weaponmaster advantage. However, it can only be fired…on your opponent’s turn! Wait, what? In case you’re wondering how that is even possible, Draegyn has both Quick Draw and Reciprocate.

What that means is that if someone manages to take a shot at Draegyn (who has Stealth), Draegyn can make a ranged attack back, thanks to Quick Draw. This attack does no damage, but it makes the enemy’s attack miss if it hits. Reciprocate says that when Draegyn is missed by an enemy ranged attack, he gets to shoot back against the attacking model, and this attack will do damage!

Imagine the cool scene this creates. Some poor soldier knows Draegyn is there and can’t ignore him. If Draegyn gets behind enemy lines, he’s going to wreak some serious havoc. The soldier finally spots Draegyn, lifts his rifle to take a shot at him, and then…BAM! BAM! First, Draegyn shoots the rifle out of the soldier’s hands with his repeating pistol, then his spring-loaded holdout pistol comes out of his sleeve, and he puts a hole in the soldier’s dome.

Want in on the action? Ask your FLGS or local game club if they are hosting a Vengeful Deeds league, and get your Draegyn while supplies last! You can find all the rules to run a Vengeful Deeds league here.