Steamroller 2018 CID Preview

Good news, everyone: the Steamroller 2018 Community Integrated Development (CID) cycle starts next Monday, February 26, and runs for a full week until the following Monday! If you’re looking to test out some of the brand-new scenarios coming in SR2018, you’re going to want to head over to and check it all out.

Now, you’ve probably noticed this CID cycle is only one week long, which might seem a bit strange given that the SR2017 cycle was over three weeks long. Here’s the thing: we have far, far less to test this time around.

SR2017 was a fairly large overhaul of how scenario play functioned, and thanks to all the fantastic feedback we received during that CID cycle, we produced what we believe is the best Streamroller to date. But even the best can get better.

SR2018 is going to have a low number of changes by comparison; we’re looking at a handful of small tweaks, not a redefinition of the format. With that in mind, we’re not putting the entire SR2018 document into the CID but are instead focusing on two specific topics to test: new scenarios and upcoming changes to the Champions format.

SR2018 will continue to support six different scenarios, three of which remain exactly the same as SR2017, two of which are totally new, and one of which has been tweaked and updated. We’re looking forward to hearing battle reports and feedback on the new scenarios, as well as player thoughts on how the scenario pack as a whole functions with these new additions and if any further tweaks or alterations need to be made to the unchanged scenarios.

As I mentioned, another major topic for this CID cycle is going to be exciting new changes to the Champions format that are going to further differentiate this premier competitive limited format for WARMACHINE & HORDES from its Masters counterpart. Part of this conversation will include a look at the planned ADR rotation for post L&L, which has been reworked from the ground up to no longer focus on uncommon tournament pairing casters but to function as a pool of selection we feel will foster a healthy limited meta.

If you are excited as we are and want to learn more, stop by the CID forums this upcoming Monday and join in on the fun. We’ll see you there!