Pinsider 2-15-2017

After taking a bit o’ time off from releasing pins to give you time to update your collection with any you might have missed, Privateer Pins is releasing the next wave of pins February 15, including a new line that’s going to be a popular one…

First, the cereal line is fast wrapping up, though we’ve a few killer ideas left to go (that’s a cereal killer joke, in case you missed it). This time, we’re showing some love to the Protectorate of Menoth with Sugar Wracks. If you’ve been collecting the cereal pins, this fills out the Faction needs, leaving us one super-cool uber-cereal pin to go.

Chibis keep going strong with both Beast Master Xekaar and Kryssa added to the mix. As you might well imagine, Xekaar gave us some design grief in trying to account for his whips, but ultimately, we figured it out, and thus do we expand our Skorne pin collection. Legion gets a nice boost this month as well with the latest warlock, Kryssa, Conviction of Everblight, who’s been featured in many an army since her debut last year.

With the cereal pins wrapping up, we have an extremely cool line that launches in February: weapons of the Iron Kingdoms. First out of the gate are the Cygnar warcaster Allister Caine’s Spellstorm pistols and the axe called Rathrok, the World Ender, currently wielded by the Tharn warlock Kromac, Champion of the Wurm. Both pins are limited edition, so get them into your collection right away.

Finally, we have two releases coming up that are unique to events where you can meet and trade with Privateer Press staff. First up: from February 3 through February 5, Bally’s Casino in Las Vegas hosts the Las Vegas Open, where pin collectors found the debut of the Chibi Drake MacBain pin, what we think of as the epitome of a the Vegas gambler, right down to his cigar. Then we’re off to the UK for SmogCon 2017 (February 17–19), where attendees can get our second exclusive of the year, Chibi “Big Ben” Syntherion. We can neither confirm nor deny that the Convergence of Cyriss Forge Master actually enjoys his afternoon cup of tea, but it certainly lends him a distinctive British air.

Drake MacBain will be available through the Privateer Press online store for a very limited time and only while quantities last, so keep your eyes open if you want to add this pin to your collection! As for Chibi Big Ben Syntherion…hit up your friends in the UK to pick up one for you at SmogCon! If this pin doesn't all sell out at SmogCon, you might get a chance to pick up the last of this limited-run pin from our online store! Check back after the con!

Next time: the last of our cereals, the latest chibis, and more weapons!