Pinsider 10-7-2016

Welcome to fall, the season when things that go bump in the night tend to go bump all day long. And in the world of Privateer Pins, that bumping sounds more like the heavy stomping of mechanikal devastation approaching…

Warjacks take the chibi battlefield at last, as four different ’jacks made their debut this September. While a whole host of characters are still to be chibied (though the regular collectors’ request for a chibi Gavyn Kyle remains problematic…), it’s definitely time to unleash some heavy metal into the pin collection.

And as we get a little closer to Halloween, it's time to trot out the Retribution warjack and a host of HORDES warbeasts, including the perfectly seasonal Feral Warpwolf!

As long as we’re mentioning this season of the witch, a trio of witches of Garlghast and their Egregore also join the chibi lineup, just in time for Halloween.

And Halloween at Privateer Press wouldn’t be complete without this year’s Warjack-O-Lantern, carved to inspire your creativity with the gourds you decorate your front porch with.

And finally, chibi Karchev.

In alternate colors.

’Cause when you’re known as The Terrible, you can dress any damned way you like.

That should fill your goodie bag and tide you over through All Hallow’s Eve (maybe next year you’ll be able to say with a sigh, “I got a Rok.”) Next month, we head into the holidays that don’t involve gnashing teeth—instead, we’ll be thankful for the return of cereal pins, and we’ll sneak-peek this year’s Christmas pin!