No Quarter Prime Hobby Content

No Quarter Prime is making a name for itself for its robust lore offerings. But did you know about all of the great hobby content in No Quarter Prime? We regularly feature painting inspiration and guides as well as battlefield element and terrain builds, and No Quarter Prime 02 is no exception.

This issue includes alternate color schemes for blighted Nyss, Knights Exemplar, and trollkin. Each scheme includes a little bit of background, so you know what you’re fighting for. Here are some examples:

There’s also two terrain builds based on the city of Fellig, which is covered in “Hostile Territory.” Follow the guides, and you’ll be building cannon emplacements and shattered walls in no time!

No Quarter Prime 02 also features a step-by-step painting guide to get your models table ready, this time focusing on Mercenaries, Minions, and Grymkin models. This awesome Blackhide Wrastler by Marco Segovia is an example of what you can expect:

While we’re on the subject of painting guides, I know some of our readers are waiting patiently for some meatier, deeper painting content. I’m pleased to say you won’t have to wait much longer. Here’s a little preview of an upcoming article called “Techniques & Textures,” in which we take a deeper look at various painting techniques and the ways they can be applied to your models. This first one is on the Dreamer, masterfully done by Lauren Fahey.

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