Lock & Load Gamefest 2018

For the first time this year, I find myself writing this Insider not from a plane, not from an airport, not from a hotel room or a convention hall. Amazingly, the convention season has officially quieted down.

Which means it is time to get super-hyped about 2018!

This year marks the 15th anniversary of WARMACHINE, so I am most excited about Lock & Load 2018! Lock & Load lets me bring the entirety of the Privateer Press staff out into the world and show them what I actually do at the company (aside from vanish for stretches at a time with part of the team, only to reappear looking tired and bringing tales from the world). Many of you have joined us for a Lock & Load or two before, but for those who have not yet made the trip out to the Pacific Northwest, here is a sneak peek at what to expect from 2018.

First up: tickets for the show are on sale now! Our amazingly talented IT Admin Liz has partnered with a new site for registration, so the process will be smoother (and load faster) than ever before. Events will be posted a short while after tickets (around March). And yes, the schedule for events will be up alongside the posting of them.

Second, the venue has changed. Though we love the Meydenbauer, and the staff there is phenomenal to work with, we wanted to make life a bit easier for you. This year, we have shifted our show to the Hilton Bellevue. This means you can take an elevator from your room to gaming and have far less distance to stumble back to your bed after gaming all day! No city blocks to walk carrying all of your Battle Foam bags. No balancing your Broken Egg trays covered in models while you navigate crosswalks. No juggling your Warsenal Watertowers? I don’t know if you would, anyway, but now there is no need! The Hilton also allows us to break up the rooms a bit more. This makes it easier to hear in the hobby hangouts, easier to discuss plans of action in the Dead Reckoning RPG event, easier to find Oz and tell him about your Company of Iron. The hotel block is also now open!

Third! The date has moved back in time a wee bit. Lock & Load 2018 will be happening June 22nd through June 24th. This should give all of you in school (or with family and friends in school) a chance to wrap up and still have enough time to get out and enjoy the summer break (especially since Gen Con is August 2nd).

So, many more details are coming (info about the launch of Crucible Guard, more on the 32-player narrative event, more on the four-player Company of Iron mega games, more on the brand-new challenges facing our Iron Painters, etc.) that I can’t share just yet. In the meantime, hit me up Twitter or Facebook and let me know some of your favorite events from past Lock & Loads using #lnl2018.

Hit up pplockandload.com for all the details, including hotel block and registration information.