Insider 9/7/2010

Flame On!

I’ve been playing around with the Protectorate tier lists. Daughters of the Flame have long been one of my favorite units. Their high DEF and SPD make them an ideal unit to rush in and tie up enemy units. Anatomical Precision allows them to kill single-wound infantry, regardless of ARM.
Recently I’ve been blitzing them through the enemy lines, straight for the warcaster. Even some warcasters will have trouble hitting DEF 15 without boosting, and will have to use precious focus or redirect other units to kill all of the daughters engaging them. Camping focus for the armor bonus won’t prevent me from inflicting a few wounds with Anatomical Precision.

Feora’s tier list allows me to take an unlimited amount of Daughters of the Flame. Five units should do nicely in a 50-point list. I’ve assembled three new units and I’m in the process of painting them. These will be done more quickly, with a lot of drybrushing. Rather than the time consuming white-painted robes, I’ll stick with a red and gold color scheme.
My two new Temple Flameguard units are coming along fairly well. I’m a little more than halfway through painting their white robes. I’ll only need to complete one unit to fill out my Feora Tier list, and once the daughters are painted I’ll go back and finish the last unit.

Painting the White Robes
From the mustard undercoat I started with, I gave the models a brown wash in the recesses. From there, I reapplied a layer of Moldy Ochre and followed that up with Menoth White Base and Menoth White Highlight. Finally, I added a highlight of Morrow White. With the white complete, I blackened in the negative space around the robes. Next, I’ll paint the flesh and red tabards.

Feora’s New Model Army (50pt, tier 3 list):
Feora, Priestess of the Flame
Daughters of the Flame (5 units)
Temple Flameguard (2 full units)
Temple Flameguard Officer & Standard
Choir Of Menoth (minimum size)
Vassal Mechanik

The strategy is to ram the daughters down the throat of the enemy warcaster, moving right through the enemy models with Acrobatics. If I’m fortunate, the Daughters will be able to assassinate the enemy caster. If not, they should at least wreak havoc in the enemy line, allowing the warjacks and Flameguard an opportunity to clean up while simultaneously screening Feora as she moves into position for an Engine of Destruction-fueled charge.