Insider 9/30/2010

In the six months I’ve been editor-in-chief of No Quarter Magazine, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to interact with my readers both in person at the various conventions Privateer Press attends and on our forums.

I’ve had some great discussion with many fans, and I’ve received some great feedback on the magazine. Often times, this feedback comes in the form of requests for certain types of articles or more of a specific type of article. While it’s certainly true I can’t make every request a reality, I’m always interested in hearing from No Quarter readers and getting their input on the magazine.

So, I’m listening. In fact, I’m not only listening, I’m busy creating new ways for you to voice your opinions about the magazine we all love.

First off, there’s the No Quarter Magazine Facebook page, which receives regular updates on all things No Quarter. Here you can find No Quarter announcements, previews of upcoming issues, and general discussion of the magazine.

Second, if you frequent the Privateer Press discussion forums, look for threads tagged with [No Quarter Discussion]. These threads highlight a single article appearing in the latest issue of No Quarter. Here, I’ll be looking for discussion and feedback on the article in question; it’s definitely your shot to tell me what you like (or don’t like) about specific features of No Quarter.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and you can count on a continued push to make No Quarter the best and most receptive hobby magazine on the market. Stay tuned for more exciting No Quarter news, content, and extras headed your way in the very near future!