Insider 9/29/2010

This year at the Penny Arcade Expo we took a few minutes to talk to the top three finalists in our PAX Invitational tournament!

First Place – Josh Vannelli
This was my first time at PAX. I’ve played the last few years in the qualifiers, but this is the first time I made it all the way! I brought Zerkova, which I never got around to using, and Karchev with six ’jacks. I figured it would be really hard to work your way through six ’jacks and him! I played that list all four games. It was pretty good. I came close to losing several times, but they never quite got him. The Mechaniks healing him just makes Karchev really hard to kill. It feels good to win; now I’ve got two big first place trophies. If I had any advice, I’d say always take Kell Bailoch if you can! He has a magic double-shooting sniper rifle; he can kill anything!

Second Place – Chad Albans
I primarily went with a beast-heavy list due to the shortened format. I’m kind of a slow player most times so beast-heavy helps as a crutch! I played Saeryn all day long. She’s just got a lot of answers. I faced three troop-heavy lists and Blight Bringer is the king against that kind of list. There’s no way I couldn’t pick her! I was here two years ago and I took third. Now I’ve got to come back next year and take first. This level of play is great; everybody here is so cool. It’s amazing how when the skill level increases the sportsmanship increases as well. Every opponent I had was gracious. I can be kind of scatterbrained and forget things, so having good opponents is nice. I’m just glad Privateer does this every year. It’s a great time!

Third Place – BA Sparks
I’ve been to Gen Con but this is the first time I’ve been to PAX. I won Trail of Champions in 2006, and I enjoyed that it was a quick tournament as opposed to the grind of Nationals. Today, I ran Terminus, and the thing I like most is that out of all the lich casters there’s no subtlety. You just come across the field, point at the other warcaster and say, “You!” That fits my kind of play style!