Insider 9/23/2010

The painting of my new Temple Flameguard unit is proceeding smoothly.

The white robes are finished. Here’s how I painted the flesh and red tabards.

The skin went pretty quickly. First, a basecoat of Bloodstone was applied to the arms. Next, I applied a layer of Khardic Flesh, taking care to leave some of the darker color showing in the recesses. Midlund Flesh was added next on the raised muscles. Finally, Ryn Flesh highlights were added to the elbows and upper arms.

I touched up the edges around the arms and under the shoulder pads with Thamar Black before moving on to the tabards.

The red tabards were painted using a layering technique similar to the one I used for the flesh. A basecoat of Sanguine Base was applied to the tabard. Armor wash was used to blacken the deepest recesses. Once the wash was dry, I applied a layer of 50/50 Sanguine Base and Skorne Red. The first highlight layer is straight Skorne Red. The final highlight layer, applied only to the highest points of the folds, is a 50/50 mix of Skorne Red and Khador Red Base.
I still have to finish the red highlights on a few models and then I’ll move on to the bases. I plan to carefully remove the models from their bases so that I can add ballast and drybrush them quickly without risk of ruining the white robes. I’ll get into that next time.