Insider 9/21/2010

Your readership is very important to us. Please stand by, and the next available blogger will be able to assist you.

Hey, thanks for waiting. Quartermaster Jen Ikuta here. We here at Privateer Press have a very team-oriented mindset, and as such, I’m here to help out my office mate, Jason Martin, who is busy closing down our major 2010 convention season at the time of this writing.

As Organized Play and Events Coordinator, Jason says he has a really boring job in terms of what our fans want to hear about. However, as someone who worked very closely with Jason at Gen Con, I would have to disagree.

He thinks it’s boring because most of his job is behind-the-scenes stuff – getting quotes for shipping our product and booth to shows, arranging transportation for all of us to and from the airport, making sure the booth has electricity, and so on. His job is vital to a smooth and enjoyable convention experience for everyone – fans and staff alike.

Those bandanas, water bottles, key chains, and dice from Gen Con? He ordered those. The hanging sign above the Privateer Press booth at Comic-Con, Gen Con and PAX? He ordered that, too. All of these items are a team effort from start to finish, but Jason’s a details guy and one of the most organized people I’ve ever met.

Now, that’s not to say he’s not without his faults. For starters, Jason is a HUGE fan of the Boston Red Sox. HUGE. If he’s pouty, chances are the Sox lost or someone got hurt or someone put a curse on the team. Rumor has it he also likes the New England Patriots. When we get Chinese food on Wednesdays, he usually orders Mongolian Beef – not a huge fault since that’s generally what I order. ;)
Before I started writing this blog, I emailed Jason a list of questions with the (apparently incorrect) assumption that he’d come up with one answer for each. Here’s what he wrote:

Favorite color: Gray
Favorite ice cream: Snickers
Favorite WARMACHINE faction: Protectorate of Menoth
Favorite HORDES faction: Legion of Everblight
Favorite warcaster: Severius
Favorite movie: The Crow, Braveheart, Star Wars Trilogy
Favorite band: Tool, Journey, Black Crowes
Favorite place to live: Maine, although I am enjoying Seattle a great deal.

Let’s analyze, shall we?
One could make an argument that gray isn’t a color, but I’m not going to fight that fight. Snickers as a flavor of ice cream? Really? That’s a lot of flavors going on. Why not just say “pink bubblegum” and be done with it if you want something sugary and sweet? Or eat a Snickers? Seems kind of indecisive to me.

Protectorate of Menoth as a favorite faction? I can support that. They were my second WARMACHINE faction, and they’re a lot of fun to play, but for the love of Morrow, the man does not like Cygnar! Legion as his favorite HORDES faction? Hmm…that’s a tough one. I got to read the fiction for the Forces of HORDES: Legion book not too long ago and I really enjoyed it. I do have a fondness for sharks, and there are Legion models that are very shark-like in appearance.

Severius is a solid choice for a favorite warcaster. He’s a Prime caster who has stood the test of time. His ascension to hierarch in WARMACHINE: Legends was one of my favorite story moments, and I won’t knock Jason for his choice on this one.

While I don’t disagree with his choices for movies, he include five instead of one and therefore, I need to mock him for it. Same thing with bands. Couldn’t stop with one? I’m surprised he didn’t mention The Cranberries since he’s been known to sing Linger at Rock Band. I don’t know much about Maine other than there’s a lot of snow there, so I’ll leave The Pine Tree State alone. No, I’m not making that up.

I’m out of time. I have to write a blog of my own now!

Thank you for reading Privateer Insider. Have a fantastic day, and remember – play like you’ve got a pair!