Insider 9/17/2010

In my last blog, I talked about memorable gaming experiences and how a good time is more important than the end result.

It’s the journey not the destination, as the saying goes. One of my favorite gaming experiences happened in October 2009, when All About Games hosted Breast Cancer Brawl: Boise.

For those not familiar with the Breast Cancer Brawl events, they’re traditionally run in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Tournament organizers have the option to use rules that allow players to buy rerolls and in-game effects with the proceeds donated to the designated charity.

At BCB: Boise 2009, there were 34 registered participants. The players weren’t shy about thinking pink – Dicewraith, the top in-game donor, dyed his hair pink. Osito and Haleth tied pink ribbons on their models (and in an evil TO moment, I did pair husband vs. wife!), and all the participants were given pink leis or beads to wear. Three pink-themed armies and a number of solos, warcasters, and units were auctioned, helping raise $4,500, which was donated to St. Luke’s Boise Medical Center.

The camaraderie and sense of community demonstrated by the participants was overwhelming. I had set a soft goal for donations for the event, and we crushed it, exceeding the initial goal by $3,000. For 2010, the River City WARMACHINE crew has plans to destroy last year’s numbers. I think they can do it.

BCB: Boise 2010 is in the capable hands of PG_brotherscott and is set for Sunday, October 3rd at All About Games. If you’re in the area, I strongly recommend stopping by or playing. It will be worth it just to see what sort of antics Fluffy has planned and what sort of shenanigans Dicewraith has planned for his hair. These guys are all that and a plate of tacos.

If you’re looking for a BCB event in your area, definitely check this forum thread. If there’s not an event in your area, talk to your local Press Gang volunteer. If you don’t have a local PG, see about organizing an event yourself. The event packet from 2009 can be found here. And if scheduling is an issue, you don’t have to run your event in October. PG_saidin ran his event in July and had matching contributions from his employer.

On a completely unrelated note, I need to come clean about my magpie-like tendencies. A few blogs ago, I bemoaned the fact that working at Privateer HQ gives me too many choices when it comes to models. In that blog, I talked about the Cryx force I was working on, an army I haven’t touched since before the blog was written. After Gen Con, I built Scourge of Heresy and finished a Reznik conversion that was inspired by one that Kris Aubin did. Right now, I’m back to painting my Angry Elves in preparation of PAX and (hopefully) BCB: Boise. Insanity, I know.

According to PG_MenothJohn, there is a name for my condition: Faction Attention Disorder. Leave it to a chemical engineer to come up with a fancy name for something that I just thought was called “OOO Shiny!”

Why do I bring this up? Well, because PPS_Adam thought he was calling me out by mentioning that I was working on a Farrow army not Cryx. I was actually working on both. It was a Lord Carver force that diverted my attention from the Skarre army. We’ll still have our Mercs vs. Minions throw down. He’ll just be facing Blackhide Wrastlers instead of War Hogs. ☺