Insider 9/13/2010

The smell of fall is in the air, a sign that the 2010 convention
season is nearly at an end, and time for the obligatory post con wrap
up blog!

This year I went to both Comic Con in San Diego and then
Gencon a week later in Indianapolis, and while fitting in two shows in
a three-week period can be a grueling ordeal, it really is an
inspiring period where I get to bear witness to the excitement and
dedication from our fans. Be it seasoned hobbyists who have been
involved in Privateer for years, as well as fresh recruits, I return
from the con season inspired to get working on a new project, and to
game more than ever.

I am in a lucky position at most cons; while I do help out with
general booth duties including demo games, set up and tear down, I am
lucky to have a specific function as staff No Quarter photographer at
the shows. This includes shooting the P3 painting competition, the
tournament events, the winners, and the overall excitement of the
Privateer booth. The overall goal is to show off the broad range of
Privateer focused activities at the show, and to entice more people to
come down to GenCon to be involved in the Privateer events taking

As a photographer I must document key moments that document my overall
experience; those moments, which captured on film stand to just
document the event, but to tell a story of the experience. I feel
these photos show the broadness of the experiences that are shared by
gamers at a gaming convention!