Insider 9/1/2010

As August comes to a close, convention season is winding down along with the summer, and perhaps more importantly for everyone at Privateer, so are the last of the Forces of HORDES books.

Looking back, I realized it was just about a year ago that we were finishing up Prime Mk II and I was starting to work on the model entries for Forces of WARMACHINE: Cygnar. I remember talking with Doug and Jason about the schedule we were about to begin and the daunting task of producing twelve books in the same time period that Privateer typically produced two or three. Somehow, we seem to have actually kept up with the insane pace we set for ourselves (more or less) and are already well into the cycle for the 2011 books.

As I send off drafts of the remaining Minion entry fiction to Jason for revision and approval, it’s odd to think that we’re almost done. By the time 2010 draws to a close we’ll have added close to a hundred new models to HORDES and WARMACHINE and hugely expanded the scope of the stories we’re telling in the Iron Kingdoms. It’s a great feeling to look at this growing pile of books on my desk and realize that I’ve played a small part in taking our amazing setting forward. It occasionally hits me what a privilege it is to work here and to be allowed to take a hand in how our warcasters, warlocks, units, beasts, and warjacks fit into their world. Having come to Privateer first as a fan, it’s a strange feeling to realize that I’ve been allowed to meddle with one of the finest fantasy setting ever crafted. Frankly, it’s an occasionally anxiety-producing feeling!

Looking ahead it’s an incredibly exciting time to be working on the Iron Kingdoms and other Privateer games. Wrath is on the horizon and even more mind-blowing stuff in 2011. That’s to say nothing of the RPG which we are all excited to begin working on in earnest. I wish I could say more about what I know Matt and Jason have cooked up but that’ll have to wait at least a little while.

Now that I’ve rambled about fiction for a while but I want to take a moment to say what a pleasure it has been to meet thousands of our fans this year at Comic Con, Gen Con, TempleCon, and Adepticon! Managing our community online is rewarding in its own way but there is nothing better than seeing you guys and girls in person. It’s a great feeling to see people playing and talking about our games with the same excitement and enthusiasm that goes into making them.

Convention season isn’t quite over and I hope to see many of you at PAX in just a few short days. Drop by the booth and say hi, we’ll all be happy to see you and chat more about our games and what we’ve got in store!