Insider 8/26/2010

Another fun-filled Gen Con and another bag full of booty to add to my growing pile of miniatures that I sleep on like an old dragon.

Minis and games galore is just one of the great things about Gen Con, but my favorite part of the con is the awesome people you get to meet. It makes all the hard work worthwhile to see people just loving the Privateer minis. Hey, you guys reading this, thank you for your support! Seriously, you are the people that make it all happen.

I have loved minis since I was a little pup. I remember when my mom got me a box set of minis and a set of paints when I was very young. I stayed up all night painting the entire box set. My parents didn’t even send me to bed until I had my fill of painting. I still have all those minis, and it’s sometimes fun to go back and look at them. Minis over the years have gotten so much better; sculpting and the process of making them have come a long way.

Even in this age of the video game, painting and playing with miniatures is still as popular as ever. I know the hobby will persevere for decades to come because of the strong sense of community it engenders. To every one who loves the mini, cheers! I look forward to another year of fantastic minis, rolling dice, and a strong dose of ass-kicking on the table.