Insider 8/25/2010

As Creative Manager, I work directly with everyone on the creative development team.

I’m lucky enough to be involved on all levels, including early model development, visual concepts, graphic design, illustration, sculpting, and more. I juggle a lot of things and provide a constant flow of guidance and feedback to maintain the highest level of creative quality I can. Sometimes, however, I just get to doodle.
On June 22nd, 2010 I sent the following email to Creative Director Matt Wilson and Art Director Kris Aubin with the attached sketch.
I present to you, the 3 minute Legion cover.

Front and center is Thagrosh on a snowy outcrop roaring and possibly waving his weapon.
Clockwise from top right.
A unit of grotesques rises through the air. Could have a harrier or seraph in there as well.
Below them is a unit of Warmongers and a warchief.
In the foreground is a scythean.
Dodging in front of the scythean are some striders or a horde of shredders and stingers.
Bottom left we have a raek (or a pair of them) closing on the viewer.
Behind the raek are legionnaires.
At 9:00 we have a carnivean rampaging.
In the air above the carnivean is an angelius, incinerating a building (nyss perhaps).
And filling the air behind the angelius is a volley of arrows with some indication of blighted archers in the background.
Basically, I have everything radiating out from around Thagrosh with some really large beasts up front.
We may need to pull back on some of this stuff since there is a lot but this was my initial though on this piece.
The sketch and description were passed on to Andrea Uderzo and, aside from the legionnaires, everything made it into the final cover as intended. As always, Andrea did an awesome job of bringing our characters and environments to life and it was fun watching the evolution of this piece from my initial scribbles