Insider 8/18/2010

Before I address what I really want to talk about in this blog, I need to come clean about something.

Those who know me and have seen my hobby room know without a doubt I am an ADD gamer. I try to commit myself to finishing one project before moving on to the next, but when I get an idea in my head or see something that inspires me, all my plans to finish the current big hobby project go out the window as I leap on the new project like a pack of dogs on a ham bone. And now, with Gen Con behind me, I have once again suffered from a bout of gamer ADD and have switched gears to revamping my Protectorate army.

The Avatar of Menoth has long been one of my favorite designs; its cathedral-like peaks make it feel more like a temple then a brutal engine of destruction. With the new plastic Menoth warjacks I knew I wanted to give my new Avatar (I’ve had two different Avatars in different color schemes) some special treatment, al la Rob Hawkin’s Fire of Salvation (See Insider 5/27).

I started by cutting off the lower torso section on the Avatar’s body. You need to make sure that you follow the angles and only cut the pistons away but not the furnace. Use a P3 file to smooth out the cut and then cut the round top on the plastic heavy torso down. If done correctly, the lower torso’s top should now be the very top of the pistons. You will also want to cut away the front loin cloth, as the Avatar has a fancy version that will fit on the front. Glue the front cloth in place and then take the back cloth and bend it (you can just use your fingers for this) to give it a more natural flow over the back of the Avatar’s new waist. Attach the plastic legs as normal and then glue the lower torso to the main body. Use P3 putty to fill any gaps in the join.

The trickiest part of this conversion has to be swapping the standard sword for the one wielded by the new character ’jack Scourge of Heresy. I wanted to keep the hilt of the Avatar’s sword and only change out the blade, which meant making some pretty complicated cuts. I used P3 clippers to separate Scourge’s blade from the hilt and then cut off the lower vent panel following the lines of how the blade fed into it, leaving an upside down V. I then took the Avatar’s sword and carefully cut away the blade leaving the majority of the hilt in place. Using my file, I smoothed the new join and attached the sword blade to the hilt using P3 putty to fill in the gaps. One thing I did not do at this point was pin the sword in place using .50mm rod. It would have given me a more stable platform overall, and I may have to go back and do so anyway if the join fails in the future.

And there you have it: a new beefy Avatar ready to unleash Menoth’s righteous wrath and burn the unbelievers!