Insider 8/17/2010

I’m a social gamer.

I was drawn to WARMACHINE and later HORDES because of how cool the models looked. But the real fun was playing and interacting with the great group of folks who make up River City WARMACHINE in Boise. Even when we weren’t rolling dice, we were talking about new models, combos, paint schemes, and you name it.

As a player, I participated in my fair share of tournaments. I generally took lists that were made up of models I enjoyed aesthetically or had rules I thought were fun. I never won a tournament (I don’t think I ever placed), but I won best of faction with Cygnar a few times and had some good games before I became a PG and started running events.

One of the things I miss the most from my local scene is my weekly game with my pal, Dangerfish. We had some epic battles. Most of the time, he was running Cygnar. I threw Trolls at him for a few months, testing out silly things like an Epic Madrak force with 30 Kriel Warriors, Epic Doomshaper with a ton of heavy beasts, and later on, a Retribution force with Kaelyssa leading a band of very angry elves.
The games were bloody and brutal and usually ended around Turn 3. If they went longer than that, we were probably playing a new model or unit. I think by the time I left Boise, Dangerfish had the edge on me, but not by much.

We ended up playing a huge team game before I left – 100 points per player. The game was Dangerfish (Epic Haley and Siege) and I (Epic Nemo) running Cygnar against Tannie Fannie (Gorten and Bart) and Fluffy (Goreshade). We ended up winning the game, but not before Epic Nemo got shot in the facehole after Gorten’s feat moved his phalanx of Centurions out of the way.

The game lasted 5 hours, but we had a great time. I’m a big believer that who you play is an important part of the gaming experience. Playing a lengthy game against a fun opponent and losing, at least in my mind, is much more enjoyable than playing several fast cutthroat games and winning against opponents who aren’t a whole lot of fun.

At the Invitational back in May, I didn’t play as many games as I would have liked. I was in the unique position of having been a participant in 2009 and one of the hosts in 2010, and it took a little bit to wrap my mind around the change. I spent some time assembling models with the crew in the warehouse that was painting and assembling, and I spent a lot of time socializing and hanging out with Press Gang members and watching games.
One of the highlights of the weekend was – you guessed it – a team game. MenothJohn and I faced UndeadDan and The Ummhmmguy for a brutal 35-point match up. It was Protectorate vs. UndeadDan’s Cygnar and The Ummhmmguy’s Trollbloods. Protectorate ruled the day and made the heretics pay for their transgressions, but for me, it was about playing a game with Dan that I’d wanted to play for about a year and meeting and hanging out with two folks I knew through the forums. Good times, very good times.

A memorable experience doesn’t always have to be about winning. It doesn’t hurt, but sometimes it’s as simple as putting your favorite caster or ’jack on the table. Fun times with friends: that’s what it’s all about for me. Fun and a little bit of trash talk.
That Adam guy? He thinks he called me out in his blog. Take him with a grain of salt unless he’s talking about stuff pertaining to the Front Desk.

Until next time, enjoy General Adept Sebastian Nemo, quite possibly my all-time favorite Privateer Press model.