Insider 7/6/2010

I knew my time was coming. From my first day here at Privateer Press, I was told Simon would be gunning for me to write my first insider blog. Well, I hid as long as I could. This is going to hurt.

I have to admit, this is actually the first blog I have ever written. Not just for Privateer Press, but for anything! I usual avoid this kind of stuff like the plague, but what I am going to say? NO? Uh uh, the newbies don’t get to say no. So I guess it’s time to get on with the formal introductions.

My name is Jason Martin, and I hail from Maine via Pittsburgh via Saint Louis. I love my sports and I love my games. No matter where I lived, my heart was always with my childhood favorites. I live and die by my Celtics, Patriots, and especially my Red Sox. I am by no means a fighting man, but mention ill things about my Red Sox, and my mind starts generating dozens of ways to “take care” of the non-believers.

Which brings me to my love of games and more specifically my love of the Protectorate. Back in the day, when my friends and I were gathered around the first battle boxes to hit my game store, I took one look at the description of the Protectorate of Menoth, and it has been a love affair ever since. I have dabbled in other factions, but I have never strayed far from the purging flames of the righteous.

I have had a smattering of jobs over the course of my life and all of them seemed to have led me to this one: Special Event & Organized Play Coordinator. It seems my “jack of all trades” smorgasbord of work experience has equipped me with a perfect set of skills to tackle the chaotic task of organizing our conventions. Or at least I hope it does! We are gearing up for a spectacular convention season with bigger booths, better swag, and some fantastic new releases.

’Til Simon puts another gun to my head,