Insider 7/28/2010

Some of you may remember from my first blog that I’m a big fan of extreme music

—black, death, and thrash metal, to be precise. I often listen to a cacophony of various extreme metal bands while I work on the magazine. (Only when I’m alone or with my office mate’s okay, though. It’s not cool to inflict your musical tastes on your coworkers.)
Often I find that a certain extreme metal band personifies a HORDES or WARMACHINE faction to me. In fact, in some cases, a certain band and a certain faction have become inextricably linked in my mind, and I can’t help but think about one when I think about the other. Sometimes it’s the band’s style of music that reminds me of a faction, and other times it’s all in the name of the band.
So just for grins, here are the eleven bands that, to me, personify our eleven factions. If you’re not into extreme metal, seek out the bands listed below at your own risk; some of them are definitely an acquired taste.


Cygnar – Metallica
Metallica isn’t really “extreme” anymore, but they are a pioneering metal band that has made the jump to mainstream while retaining much of their raw metal sound. That’s Cygnar to me: civilized, accessible, and pioneering, but still tough enough to kick a little ass when the situation calls for it.

Protectorate – In Flames
In Flames is another band that combines traditional clean vocals and instrumentation with the growling screech and savage sound of extreme metal. To me, the Protectorate represents the same kind of dichotomy; they’re devoted to a cause they believe is righteous and good yet murderously brutal to those who, well, disagree with them.

Khador – Entombed
Heavy, lumbering, brutal, and from the far north. That sums up both the band Entombed and Khador in my mind.

Cryx – Nile
Nile is a death metal band that focuses on Egyptian themes, primarily those that deal with death, mummification, and other necromantic-y stuff. So, yeah, all those ancient, evil, undeath themes seem pretty Cryxian to me.

Retribution of Scyrah – Opeth
Opeth is one of those metal bands that uses a lot of beautiful instrumentals and clean vocals interspersed between the screeching and more traditional metal riffing. I don’t know, Opeth just really reminds me of angry elves.

Mercenaries – Bolt Thrower
Bolt Thrower is a straight-up grindcore band with a lot of war themes in their music. Plus they have an album aptly titled Mercenary.


Trollbloods – Gwar
Although there’s an obvious whimsy to Gwar’s music and stage theatrics, they’re one of extreme music’s most enduring acts. The trolls hit me the same way; they’re tough, enduring, and more than any of our other factions, they make me laugh.

Circle Orboros – Morbid Angel
Morbid Angel’s music is incredibly complex and ever changing, much like a force of nature. Circle’s devotion to the natural order and their far-reaching and complicated goals strike me the same way. Plus, I’ve recently been writing a lot of Circle material . . . while listening to Morbid Angel.

Skorne – Slayer
Slayer’s music is filled with violent, necromantic images, and with album names like Reign in Blood and World Painted Blood, Slayer is a band any Skorne mortitheurge could appreciate.

Legion of Everblight – Malevolent Creation
The band’s name says it all. I mean let’s face it, Everblight is Toruk’s “malevolent creation,” and Everblight’s spawn and warlocks are his in kind.

Minions – Pig Destroyer
This is another one that’s all about the name. Minions → Farrow → Pigs → Pig Destroyer. Silly, I know, but there you have it.