Insider 7/15/2010

I started a new unit, the Immortals, for my Skorne army.

I’m sharing this on the blog because what I first wanted and what I got in the end was totally different, but the vision was still reached. This is how it all came to be.

Because the Immortals are made of stone, I wanted them to be different. I wasn’t quite sure how to do this, so I decided to test the ideas I had in mind. I have two Ancestral Guardians that I painted when I first began my army, and since they’re similar to the Immortals, I figured they would make good test pieces.

I painted the first Immortal gloss black (Obsidian). It looked fine, but it did not stand out like I wanted it to. So I grabbed another Immortal and decided to get crazy; I painted it to look like white marble with black and gold trim. I asked Matt DiPietro about some fast ways to do the white marble, and he gave me a good solution. We tried it out, and it went so well with the army I could not have asked for anything better. We where both very pleased with ourselves, even though the white marble turned out to be more of a light grey marble.

Here is a pic of the first Immortal using the new color. When the immortal was first painted, the studded shoulders and thigh armor plates where marble colored, but I changed them to black with gold studs because the first color scheme looked imbalanced. Here you see the model after I achieved the color balance and composition I was shooting for.

There are a couple of lessons here. When you think on a new color combination, talk to some one about it, test it out, and get some feedback. Be ready to change it if needed, and always paint a complete mini before committing to an entire unit. Also, don’t be afraid to change colors and locations on that test mini until you are happy with the results.