Insider 7/08/2010

Back in May, Privateer held their fourth annual invitational for many of our friends and volunteers.

Over the weekend, I was able to get back to WARMACHINE after many months of HORDES playtesting and exhume my love for Cryx. I had loads of fun playing against friends, old and new, with Pirate Queen Skarre, Lich Lord Terminus, and my favorite (or so I thought*) warcaster, Wraith Witch Deneghra.

Since the invitational, I have started back in on painting and assembling even more of my force. On top of recently finishing up the paint jobs on Mortenebra and Deryliss, I have assembled 10 helljacks I will be showcasing in my upcoming blogs as I get them painted. The list includes Nightmare, 2 Slayers, 2 Corruptors, 2 Leviathans, a Reaper, a Seether, and a Harrower.

Many of the helljacks have been customized, like the two pictured above. The Leviathan was merged with a Seether to create something truly primeval looking, while the Seether got a pair of Bane Knight shields on his fists and the spike tips from Bane Thralls in place of his usual cowl spines. I’m really looking forward to painting these guys and the eight others that go along with them. Stay tuned.

*Now that we are playtesting WARMACHINE: “The Next,” Wraith Witch Deneghra might have to take a back seat to the new hotness for a while.