Insider 7/07/2010

Usually, the first thing I am asked about sculpting models by others is, "What is that made of?”

I tend to use just about anything on hand; I don't like to waste materials. Mostly, I use green stuff, but for larger parts that can get expensive, I use a less-expensive material like milliput or apoxy sculpt.

Most of the new warjack variants were made with a variety of materials since they were all made over a long period of time. If I ran out of one type of putty, I'd just grab another one and use it up so I didn’t feel like I wasted my money!

Another material I use a lot is resin. If you need to make several parts that are basically the same, resin is a great time-saver, and depending on the resin, it can be vulcanized for metal casting.

The picture here is for the Cygnar Cyclone's parts. I used just about everything I had lying around: green stuff, plastic rod, plastic rivets, and brass and aluminum tubing. The ammo drums were cast in resin. After I had most of the “common” detail done on the cannon, I made a casting of it and added any remaining details that weren’t the same.

You'll notice the heads are different; the right one is the original and the left is a resin casting of it. The front grill was too long, so I shaved it down on the resin casting. After that, I had to remake the cylinders on the side smaller. I also had several castings available, so if I ruined one I could start again easily.

You can really use just about anything to sculpt a model; mostly it comes down to preference and how familiar you are with your materials.