Insider 7/01/2010

As many long-time WARMACHINE and HORDES players are certainly aware, it’s easy to become fixated on a certain warcaster or warlock.

Such adoration often stems from the basic utility of the warcaster or warlock and how he or she fits within a player’s army. Additionally, the rich backgrounds of warcasters and warlocks can also make them more appealing to a player who simply digs their accompanying fiction.

Working at Privateer Press, I’ve found a third reason to become obsessed with a specific warcaster or warlock. My position grants me the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with our setting’s most influential characters when I write about them. This forces me to become completely immersed in a particular warlock’s or warcaster’s history and story. Thus began my infatuation with Grim Angus.

Not long after I came on board at Privateer Press, I was talking to Doug Seacat about the Gavyn Kyle Files for NQ 31. Since I was going to be writing the piece, I asked Doug who would be a good subject for the revealing pen of intrepid spy Gavyn Kyle. Doug suggested Grim Angus, and since I didn’t know a damn thing about Grim at that point, I dove right into the HORDES books, devouring every tidbit of information I could find about the trollkin leader. With my head overflowing with all things Grim, I got down to filling in the little details in his backstory and ended up with a double-sized entry for the Gavyn Kyle Files. (I hope you all dig it!)

A few weeks after finishing the Gavyn Kyle piece on Grim, I was asked to write the Blasted Heath League fiction. As fortune would have it, Grim Angus was one of the three warlocks the fiction would cover. This time, instead of filling in holes in the trollkin warlock’s history, I had the opportunity to explore his personality through narrative fiction. That was blast, and Grim was easily my favorite piece to write of the three.

As you can imagine, I’ve become something of a Grim Angus expert, and he is currently my favorite warlock. I’ll be putting together a Grim Angus Theme Force just as soon as all the models I need are available. However, check back with me in a couple of months. I’m in the middle of writing a Gavyn Kyle bit on Morvahna for issue #32, so there’s a very good chance I’ll be adding some Circle models to my collection in the very near future.