Insider 7-7-2017

Rock and roll, baby!

The Formula P3 Presents videos and Get Your Paint On! Facebook Live Streams (we upload those streams to YouTube afterward, but it definitely isn't as fun as chatting with us live) are rolling out on a regular basis and giving hobbyists what they need to get their armies painted and ready to rumble!

So far, we’ve covered the basics and introduced Two-Brush Blending, which is a technique that you’ve all been clamoring for! That’s the strength of the P3 line, though, as it’s uniquely designed for two brush blending. From layers, washes, glazing, airbrushing, and 2BB, Formula P3 is versatile. This paint line can keep up with all your needs. I mean, it keeps up with me :D

Going forward, the plan for our painting tutorials is to give new hobbyists the tools they need to get started. Everyone started somewhere, so while there is less content for experienced modelers and painters now, don’t you worry! Content for the experienced painter is in the hopper as well. I have a ton of content in my wish list of videos, so if there is a specific topic you are excited to see, it is most likely on the way. We have some Grymkin themed painting videos planned in the very near future (especially with those mentions of the new Grymkin Paint Set). Something to go over some Skin, wink wink. Additionally, many videos will feature faction specific content related to that month’s releases. So, if Khador is getting some dope new models, you can be sure that there will something to make those loyal to the motherland proud of how rad they look.

One of my greatest joys is helping each painter achieve their desired painting goals and through the Formula P3 Presents video series, and with a little patience, practice, and perseverance, I plan to do what I can so you reach those goals.

Happy painting