Insider 7-28-2017

With Lock & Load GameFest 2017 wrapped up, the big question for you is: did you get in on all the announcements that pave the way to Lock & Load 2018? Well, I’m here to keep you up to speed. First in the hopper is No Quarter Prime, coming in September!

The overall content of No Quarter Prime is both cutting edge and timeless, ensuring you’ll always want your library of back issues close at hand. And in addition to what we call “evergreen” content, one of the most exciting aspects of this first print issue is that it comes with a special model: Eilish Garrity, the Occultist. Eilish has seen some things, man, and now that he’s come unhinged, it’s time for him to hit the tabletop. His Puppet Master ability will definitely prove useful when you need a friendly model to hit at a critical moment. Used on a key enemy piece, such as a colossal or a battle engine, and Puppet Master can really throw off your opponent’s momentum. Eilish’s Bleed spell provides powerful offense while allowing him to heal whatever damage he suffers from Mental Force, while Gate Walker provides him another layer of survivability by letting him teleport away after casting his spells.

Check out to get an in-depth look at his rules.

So, why is Eilish so special? As a member of the Black River Irregulars, Eilish has decided to expand his knowledge thanks to a taste of something dark that will become better detailed in the upcoming Skull Island novel Black Crowns this fall. This means he’ll “work” for anyone—Grymkin, Retribution, Convergence, whoever. Loyalties mean nothing to someone who wants to master the occult. Note my use of quotations around the word work. Similar to the Totem Hunter, Eilish might not always necessarily be committed to the side he’s on.

You don’t want to miss the first issue for the model included in the print version, so subscribe now, or ask your local retailer to order you a copy!

Next up in No Quarter Prime, we’ve got Theme Forces. These sections will get into deep content on these forces. Whether it’s an organized military structure as with the Trenchers or a way of life as with the Northkin, you will get a great idea of all aspects of the forces. Beyond just including these new models, every new theme force section will have information about Company of Iron! As WARMACHINE and HORDES continue to grow, so will Company of Iron and its offerings. This will include new scenarios, paint schemes, and details about these groups.

Snap. That’s a lot but not even a fraction of what’s coming, so I’m going to quickly discuss two sections in the same breath. Here we go! No Quarter Prime will feature “Fire & Forge,” a special section retelling the Iron Kingdoms saga from the beginning via a uniform, collected series. Further, “Hostile Territory” will focus on a single significant locale in the Iron Kingdoms. This section will include a scenario, guides to make battlefield elements, and rules for those sweet new pieces!

I’m leaving some elements of the magazine out of this article so you’ll have surprises to look forward to. Ultimately, No Quarter Prime is as full as a Dire Troll tearing through enemy ranks. And we’re all looking forward to the amazing tabletop models and terrain you put together after you get your issue, so be sure to let us know about it on social media!