Insider 7-23-2014

If you’re a Protectorate of Menoth enthusiast—as I am—you’ve probably been eagerly awaiting the release of Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages. This battle engine warcaster brings tremendous power and playability to the tabletop; however, the new model does come with a few assembly challenges. So, to head off any difficulties you might face, I thought I would provide a quick assembly guide to all my fellow Privateer hobbyists.

Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages can be broken down into four main parts: the chariot, two horses, and Reznik himself. For this tutorial, I have shaded all the major parts in separate colors: the chariot parts are green, horse #1 is purple, horse #2 is orange, and Reznik himself is shown in red.

Let’s start by cleaning the excess resin from the horses. Whenever you’re working with resin, remember to wear a dust mask to keep from inhaling resin shavings. I’ve used Formula P3 clippers to remove the bulk of the areas shown in red, followed by a P3 File Set to clean up any excess resin and to smooth out areas that may be a little rougher. There are a few small mold lines on the horses, which can easily be shaved away with a Formula P3 Hobby Knife.

Once you’ve finished the horses, it’s time to move on to the chariot. As with the horses, I’ve outlined the excess resin areas in red. Use care when removing the excess resin on the wheels, as it’s very easy to cut too deep and leave a noticeable gash in the main part of the wheel. After you’ve removed any extra resin, go back and clean up all areas with a file.

Next, use your hobby knife to remove any mold lines from Reznik’s body. Then, once all your pieces are clean and ready to go, it’s time to assemble the model. You can assemble the whole model at this point, but painting will be easier if you partially assemble it and paint certain pieces separately.

I start by assembling the two horses. Note that each half of each horse will only correctly fit together with its corresponding other half. Once the horses are together, assemble all of Reznik except for his right hand, which holds the chariot’s reins. This piece will be glued onto the chariot portion instead.

Next, assemble the chariot wheels and any other parts that attach to the horses. Leave the front section of the chariot off of the model. It’s important to note there is one spike missing from each wheel—this is the contact point for the wheel to the base.

Next, attach the harness section to the main body of the chariot and glue the chariot to the base. Place a horse next to the harness to gauge the angle at which the chariot should be glued.

Attach the horses to the harness.

Then attach the reins to the chariot. At this stage, dry fit Reznik into the chariot so you’ll know where to line up the reins later on.

Reznik, the front of the chariot, the three wracks, and both flags should be left off and pinned. Glue some sand to the base of the model, add a few small rocks, and give it a few coats of Formula P3 Black Primer.

After you’ve painted all these separate pieces, it’s time to assemble the model! Glue the front of the Chariot into place, being very careful not to bend the riding reins up too high.

Now it’s time to glue Reznik into his chariot. Be careful not to glue him in at an angle that will prevent the far left wrack from being placed correctly. Once he’s glued in place, adjust the reins to meet Reznik’s arm.

Next, glue on the far right wrack. When placing the wrack, make sure all contact points are flat against both surfaces. This will ensure all three wracks line up properly.

Place the left wrack in a similar fashion, gluing it completely flat so all three wracks will be in line with each other. Place the middle wrack as dead-center along the back of the chariot as possible; if it is off-center, it will be harder to place the flags in the next step.

Next, glue the flags in place.

Sprinkle on a little static grass, and Reznik, Wrath of Ages is ready to ride!

See you guys next time!