Insider 6/28/2010 -

For this week’s blog, I want to explain why this week's blog is late.

I am aware of this because Simon has been reminding me that my blog is late for the past three days. So I want to start by saying sorry to Simon for my blog being late. You see, something came up...

As the lead developer at Privateer Press, I have a steady flow of work constantly passing across my desk. Once I am caught up with time-sensitive projects and daily maintenance, I turn my attention toward long-range planning. On any given day, I have two to three (or eight) major projects in the works that require the bulk of my attention. These are things like concepting the contents for the next WARMACHINE or HORDES book, coming up with names for all the models in the next WARMACHINE or HORDES book, writing a first drafts of all the Theme Forces for the next WARMACHINE or HORDES book, etc. Sometimes (like in my dreams), I am able to devote the whole day to a single project. More often, I am able to work only so long on a given project before having to stop and turn my attention elsewhere or wait for feedback on a given proposal. When I have a time sensitive project, like reviewing the current draft of the army section of the next force book or doing a proofing pass of the next card run, everything else gets put on hold until the time-sensitive material has been dealt with. Note that proofing and reviewing both require a multitude of seemingly endless passes.
Additionally my day is further broken up with sculpt reviews, play testing, feedback analysis, updating the development data base, project meetings, No Quarter article reviews, a steady flow of emails, and once in a while, lunch.

It is now 2:20 PM. So far, I have met briefly with Doug and DC to discuss their thoughts and experiences relating to last night’s playtest, gone through a mountain of feedback DC compiled from internal and external playtesters that has been piling up in my inbox for the past couple days while I worked on time-sensitive materials pertaining to the Legion book, made a score of changes to the model database based on all that feedback, had a sculpt review, and answered a half dozen emails. Finally, I’m about finished with this blog, so I am going to get my late lunch. When I come back I’ll review Aeryn's model section intros for the Forces of HORDES: Legion of Everblight book before doing my final pass on the Legion Theme Forces for Darla before going through the next round of feedback pertaining to the upcoming E&C before playtesting with DC at 4. Oops. Just realized DC sent me yet another batch of playtest data that needs to be evaluated before today's playtesting. And now Doug has sent me back Simon's Legion Army section for my next review pass…

Anyway, sorry Simon.