Insider 6/24/2010

The best part of my duties as Community Manager (when I can tear myself away from writing fiction) is being immersed in the enthusiasm of our audience.

Having first come to Privateer’ games as a player, I know how exciting it is to wait for the new releases each month and then spend hours speculating on how the awesome new figures might work in my army. I think the only downside to being one of the people who actually helps craft our world is that I don’t get to share the excitement of wondering what the next thing around the corner is. On the other hand, it’s pretty cool to help decide what that’s going to be!

The enthusiasm I share with all of you for our games is the reason I’m particularly excited about some of our contests at Gen Con this year. In the past, numerous people have showed up at our booth in amazing Iron Kingdoms inspired costumes and this year we’re encouraging all of you to join in the fun!

Come to Gen Con dressed in your Iron Kingdoms or Monsterpocalypse best! Whether you choose to armor yourself like the Butcher of Khardov or prefer the robotics of Mecha-Gorghadra, this is your chance to shine. All contestants will be featured in group photos for No Quarter Magazine and individual winners will be given individual photos in No Quarter!
Gather at the Privateer Press booth on Saturday, August 6th at 1PM. Privateer Staffers will judge the following costume categories:

• Warcaster or Warlock
• Trooper
• Miscellaneous
• Best Overall Iron Kingdoms
• Best Overall Monsterpocalypse

I am totally psyched to be one of the judges for this contest, and I’m sure you’re all going to blow us away with your awesome Privateer inspired creations!