Insider 6/22/2010

The photography for Forces of HORDES: Trollbloods is in the can.

During this short breather before I get started on the photography for the Legion of Everblight book, I’m working on some terrain for Gen Con.

This year, the Iron Arena event will feature four scenario tables. Two of the tables are from Adepticon: the Cryx-infested ruins in the swamp and the bunker complex. Two new tables are in the works: No-Man’s-Land and a Train Depot.

The No-Man’s-Land table will feature a network of trenches in each player’s deployment zone and a vast kill zone in the center. Crossing that deathtrap to capture the enemy’s trench won’t be an easy feat.

The Train Depot table will have a few buildings and a locomotive near a train station that will need to be captured. DC is cooking up some accompanying scenarios for the terrain.

On the painting front, my Temple Flameguard are coming along nicely. I already had one complete unit with a unit attachment, and these two units will fill out my maximum field allowance.

I decided to use trooper #1 for every model to maintain a sense of coherency to the units. Each trooper will be standing at attention in shield wall formation. I’ve assembled all 20 models and puttied fire on the spears of one unit. This is the unit that will have the unit attachment, and the sculpted fire represents the Menoth’s Howl Tactic, which grants the fire continuous effect to all of their attacks.

The models are primed black, and I’ve sprayed them with a mustard-colored spray as a basecoat for the white robes. I plan to paint all 20 models in one batch, completing each step using an assembly-line process.