Insider 6/17/2010 - Adam Johnson

Hello everybody, my name is Adam Johnson, and I am the Customer Support here at Privateer Press.

I greatly enjoy my work, as every day is its own adventure. My day is mostly spent replying to front desk emails, answering phones, and dressing the Iron Lich in humorous seasonal attire.

I have worked at Privateer Press since 2004, and what I love about our games is that even after 6 years, I am still finding inspirations to start up a new faction. Unlike many players, I am unable to divide my attention across multiple factions, so when I pick a force, I dedicate myself completely to that army.

With the release of Mark II, I have decided it is time to move on, and after much soul-searching I have found a new banner to wave. But before I can discuss my choice, please allow me a moment to say a few words to my past armies and say farewell.

Hello, Cygnar. Yes, you were my first, but the fact is we are over, and you need to realize that. What we had was great for the time, but you have to face the fact it’s over. We will always have pre-occupation Llael.

Oh, hey, Cryx. You have got stop calling me. You’re crazy and you need to leave me alone. The judge ordered you to stay 100 yards from my soul, and remember you owe me a new couch, you know, the one you torched with hellfire.

Dear Skorne, I know this is tough, but you have to know that it’s not you it’s me. We had some good times over the last few years. Unleashed, Summer Rampage, and Red vs. Blue, but I just don’t want to be tied down right now, and it is time for me to move on. Can we just be friends? I think we’re meant to be great friends.

Oof, that was hard, but I am glad I did it. Thanks for bearing with me. That’s all the time I have for this update, and next time I will get in-depth with my new Merc force!