Insider 6/14/2010 - Ron Kruzie

I had a long weekend for Memorial Day, and I thought I’d tell you about some of my adventures.

This weekend, my girlfriend and I spent a lot of time practicing our survival skills (we’re Khadoran Manhunters in training!). Besides the opportunity to practice making arrows and other woodcraft, spending time outside is a great way to get inspiration for wargaming terrain.

For example, we spent some time stripping a tree trunk that had fallen near my house. This tree was on the other side of a swamp across a small bridge. Naturally, I thought there must be a swamp troll under the bridge, and that must be why I almost slipped on the slimy surface it placed there. Lucky for it, I did not fall in. But I could just see the cool terrain piece I could make out of the scene. I imagined a bridge over a murky marsh, with the head of a swamp troll peering out, just waiting for a victim to come in range of its giant tongue!

Once I got to the other side of the bridge, I placed my hand on the log right next to the area I wanted to cut, and whap! goes the hatchet edge into my finger. Total newb mistake, but I still have my finger. Fortunately my girlfriend wrapped it up with some healing herbs (she’s quite the budding alchemist) and a strip of maple inner bark that made for a great bandage. All the fallen debris here got me thinking, though. If I can find the time, I’d love to make some rough terrain pieces made up of fallen tree trunks.

After our day of perfecting our Pathfinder abilities was over, we went back to the shelter to straighten the arrows we’d cut from the fallen tree, cook up some greens, watch TV, and craft some new terrain!