Insider 6/11/2010 - Sean Bullough

Let’s talk about the extreme sculpts.

Every now and then, a thread will come up with numerous speculations as to what we might do for the next extreme sculpt. Oddly enough, what inevitably happens is there are so many speculations one of them is bound to be correct.

I don’t think there’s a rigid plan for creating the Extreme sculpts. Sometimes they’re planned for, other times they have shown up spontaneously from sculptor, Jason Hendricks, and we’ve thought they’re so cool they have to be made. The real motivating factor really seems to be all about wanting to make something amazing.

Before we put an extreme sculpt into production, we give it the same treatment as all other sculpts. We have a meeting on it and put it under the magnifying glass. Does the pose look good? Is the detail consistent with other models in the faction? Is it too big/small? Do we want to remove any detail or rework anything? Then we come up with ways to make it even more awesome, usually by adding more details, like filigree on the armor, medallions, gems, banners, etc.

All of this takes a lot of time, which is why extreme sculpts don’t happen more frequently.

Right now, the extreme sculpt we currently have has been through that process and is currently being made into resin masters. That means production of the new sculpt won’t be too far off.

So, what is the next extreme sculpt? OK, I’ll tell you. It’s the Extreme Titan Gladiator, sculpted by Jason Hendricks and yours truly, and it is awesome (if I may say so, myself). Most of what we did with the Extreme Titan Gladiator was add more detail, like texture on horns, scrollwork on the armor, more medallions, tassels, etc. In addition, I made the arm spikes bigger and sculpted a bigger, more detailed banner.

You'll be seeing more of this massive model in the upcoming months, so be sure to stay tuned to the website!