Insider 6/09/2010 -

I read an interesting thread on the forums today about the delay with Forces of WARMACHINE: Cryx. One player was insistent that we were delaying it further than necessary. Another brought up the difference between shipping time to New York versus California. Now granted, if the guy who made the first post lived right outside the warehouse in his car, we could get him a copy of Forces of WARMACHINE: Cryx today (though that would mean breaking our street date, which we don’t do, so don’t move here and live in your car). If, however, he lived in Australia… Well, that’s less of an option.

Lead time in general is something we don’t really talk about a great deal, but that has a huge impact on our products and the schedule of product releases. There’s development, playtesting, editing, concept art, final art, sculpting, layout, proofing, production, shipping, packing, more shipping, distribution, and probably a dozen steps I’m forgetting. When Privateer Press releases a new WARMACHINE book, for example, it’s been in the works for over a year prior.

On the playtest side of things, we’re currently focused on models from the book that comes after Forces of HORDES: Minions. On the early development side of things, we’re focused on the book that comes after that book we’re playtesting. And on the concept side of things, we’re starting to look at the book that comes after that.

So while a delay of a week or two due to shipping or customs or printing or zombie attacks might seem like a really significant problem in the process, that week or two is really just a tiny fraction of a much bigger picture. There will constantly be new products, and some of them may run a bit late due to factors beyond our control.

Now granted, there are times that products come out quite a bit later than we originally anticipated. A snag in plastic model production can affect the final date much more significantly than getting flagged by a customs officer, for example (the Cryx book was held by customs for over two weeks). We do what we can to get the products out to you in a timely fashion while maintaining the level of quality that folks expect from Privateer Press.

Anyway, just figured I’d share my perspective on delays and lead times. Until next time, we can all be glad that Forces of WARMACHINE: Cryx wasn’t on any of these.