Insider 6/03/2010- Jen Ikuta

One of the worst things about working at Privateer Press is access to all of these wonderful models. That’s right; too many choices.

Playtesting and new releases have me wanting to build Cryx Theme Forces, Skorne Theme Forces, and Legion Theme Forces. A Skarre-led Satyxis force? Great! A Skorne force with lots of big beasts? On it! A Legion army with a Shredder swarm and all sorts of other toothy things that go chomp in the night? Why not?

In my relatively short career as a Warmachine/Hordes player, I have collected an extensive Cygnar force, a healthy Protectorate force, Mercenaries (mostly Highborn), Trollbloods, and Retribution (Angry Elves!). I own battleboxes for Cryx, Circle, Legion and Khador, making Skorne the only faction I don’t own models for. Yet.

My magpie-like tendencies would seem like some sort of pewter-fueled fever if not for the fact I used many of those models to help recruit new players and allow existing players to try out new units or ‘jacks during my time as a PG in Boise. I’m not going to say that my collection of unassembled models couldn’t restock a good portion of the wall back at All About Games. Nor will we discuss the Avatar of Menoth or the Harbinger that have been in boxes for several years now. Scott, stop laughing.

To help curb the “ooh, shiny” syndrome, I have decided to take my time painting my Cryx and slowly build up my force, painting existing models before acquiring new ones. It’s worked well so far, as long as you don’t count that Cryx battlebox or some of the other Cryx models that were given to me before moving to work at PPHQ.

I’m not saying this will hold true for any of my other factions, just with Cryx. There is a fair amount of Protectorate stuff I want to get my hands on (more Templars!), the new Trollblood models look fantastic and some of the things we’ve recently previewed (War Pig, I’m talking to you) have me drooling.

After playing Retribution almost exclusively since Gen Con, I’ve settled into Protectorate mode, and I unleashed a fully painted eKreoss Theme Force upon the masses at the Privateer Press Invitational a few weeks ago. Now, I do still consider myself a Cygnar player. And no, I don’t think of it as cheating on King Leto & Co. by playing other factions.

Think of it more as … changing the menu. You go out to lunch and you eat bacon cheeseburgers every day for several months. Then it’s “hey look, a new topping.” Let’s add special bacon to that, or maybe some Pepper Jack cheese. In the end, though, it’s still a bacon cheeseburger.

That’s why it’s OK to change it up every once in awhile. Hey, how about a chiliburger? What about a plate of tacos? Sure, you’ll go back to bacon cheeseburgers in the end, but playing something different often makes you appreciate that first army more.