Insider 6/01/2010 - Aeryn Rudel

In this entry, I’d like to relate some of my experiences at the recent Invitational Weekend. It was a blast, and a good time was had by one and all. However, beyond the food and fun, the Invitational was important to me for another reason. As a relative noob to WARMACHINE and HORDES, I was thrilled to have some of the most educated players in the world all in one place.

Armed with two 25-point loaner armies, one Protectorate (Feora) and one Skorne (Mekeda), I set out to play as many games as possible with our knowledgeable group of Press Gangers. With the opportunity to learn from some of the best players and teachers of our games anywhere, I took full advantage.

Just for grins, here’s a quick rundown of some of the games I played.

Game 1: Protectorate

Opponent: Sam Sedghi

Opposing Force: Retribution

Result: Win!

Learned: [Beavis]Fire! Fire![/Beavis]

Memorable Moments: Giving Gareth an up-close-and-personal lesson with Truth and Consequence.

Game 2: Protectorate

Opponent: Scott Kidwell

Opposing Force: Pirates

Result: Win!

Learned: Pirates smell. Pirates smell even worse when you set them on fire.

Memorable Moments: My charging Guardian under the effects of Battle Hymn and Ignite turning Shae into a “Shae-kabob.”

Game 3: Skorne

Opponent: John Christensen

Opposing Force: Protectorate

Result: Loss

Learned: Having the tables turned on you sucks. Fire bad!

Memorable Moments: John’s Green Bay Cinerators. Yup, they’re painted just like you think they are.

Game 4: Skorne

Opponent: Andrew Lindstrom

Opposing Force: Rhul

Result: Win!

Learned: Weapon Master rocks. Weapon Master plus Reach rocks even harder.

Memorable Moments: Pulling Durgen Madhammer into the middle of my unit of Cataphract Arcuarii, and then using their arcus like oversized can openers.

Thanks much to all of my honorable opponents for your patience with this poor noob. I learned a lot in each and every game, and I can’t wait for the inevitable rematches at next year’s Invitational.