Insider 6-26-2017

Hello everyone, and welcome to our first CID-based dynamic update! After 611 topics, 7,343 posts, three weeks of CID, and a whole slew of internal testing, I for one am very excited to finally see the fruits of one of our CID cycles make it out into the wild.

In addition to the Developer’s Notes, in which we list and discuss all the new model rule changes, we have a few other announcements to make about how information will be distributed after CID cycles.

The errata document itself has changed and is quite different than what you’re used to seeing. It is now the Core Rules Errata, containing only changes to the core rules of the game as presented in the rulebooks. This time around, the Core Rules Errata includes a handful of new changes regarding base size icons, dragoons, and ’jack marshals.

The online Card Database will be updated with each release of a CID cycle’s results to make those changes official, and this will be accompanied by a fresh War Room update so that everyone is on the same page.

To go along with the Card Database update, we are also providing for the first time a complete Card Version List. This list will tell you the current version number of the stat card for every model in the game so you can make sure you’re playing with the most up-to-date rules!

And there’s one other new thing we’re putting out there for you: a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of WARMACHINE & HORDES Theme Forces! New theme forces will be added to this document approximately one month after their release in a book or in No Quarter Prime so that all players have access to them.

For all of these handy new resources and more, be sure to visit