Insider 6-14-2011


This week, I am proud to reveal one of the amazing new warlocks from the upcoming HORDES: Domination.

Let me present to you Maelok the Dreadbound, the new Minion Gatorman warlock. Maelok has been rendered out by one of our amazing artists, Nestor Ossandan. From what you can see in the background, Maelok has a number of powers that lend undead strength to his forces.

Maelok’s design really makes him stand out from the other Blindwater Congregation warlocks His body is at a level of decomposition that shows off exposed muscles, tendons, and bones. His profile is accented (fancy artist speak) with a heavily damaged chandelier and a plethora of candles, which have melted down onto his shoulders. Maelok needs no weapons other than his powerful claws and deadly magic.

In the background, Nestor has done an amazing job of “undeadifying” some of the existing gatorman characters to give the scene a dark and gritty undead tone.

Look for Maelok and all the new HORDES faction warlocks this September.