Insider 5/26/2010 - William Shick

The Privateer Press Invitational is an annual event held in the hallowed halls of our offices. The idea is we invite our volunteers to come and spend a weekend playing the games they work so hard to promote. As a way to celebrate the huge success of Mk II and the Shattered Grounds league, we put together a special Invitational Shattered Grounds league just for the weekend. This special league came with a special stamp for players’ Battle Journals that had the commendation and stratagem tree for the weekend league. Of course, no Shattered Grounds League would be complete without seasonal models, and did we have a surprise in store for everyone who attended. The Shattered Grounds: Invitational 2010 season models were new warcasters and warlocks based on alternate “what-if” scenarios in the history of the Iron Kingdoms. What if Leto’s coup had failed and Vinter remained King of Cygnar? What if Eyriss had been corrupted by Everblight and became one of his warlocks? What if Alexia had sided with the Skorne and used the power of the Witchfire to help them conquer Corvis and then become a warlock herself?

Of course, since everyone around the office had the inside scoop on what was coming for the invitational, several of us decided to go the extra step and convert the seasonal model for our army. I couldn’t pass up the chance to field the mighty and rightful king of Cygnar on the battlefield and quickly went to work re-envisioning a more electrified version of Vinter Raelthorne IV.

Starting with the excellent IK Vinter model, I grabbed a pair of Thunderhead fist coils and found they fit perfectly on Vinter’s shoulders. Needing a sufficient power source in addition to the coils on his shoulders, I nabbed Epic Nemo’s voltaic generator at the suggestion of our Front Desk guru and conversion fanatic Adam Johnson. Going off visual cues from several other Cygnar warcasters, I knew I wanted to add piping from his voltaic generator to his elbows, thus making his armor seem more mechanika. To my immense pleasure, every element fit perfectly with no cutting or major puttying required.

To finish off the model, I wanted him mounted on a base that did justice not only to his roots but also to the new badass look. Everything I wanted was right there in Epic Cain’s base: broken stonework with the royal Cygnus of Cygnar right at its center. With the model built, it was a simple matter to paint him in the traditional Cygnar blue and gold.

So without further ado, I present to the world Vinter The Undefeated!

In closing, I would just like to offer a personal thank you to all of our great volunteers and also thank everyone who attended this year’s Invitational. I hope you all had as much fun as I did, and I can’t wait for the Privateer Press Invitational 2011!