Insider 5/25/2010 - DC

This past weekend was quite an experience. Press Gangers and other sundry Privateer Press volunteers from as far away as Alaska and London descended on Bellevue for the Privateer Press Invitational Weekend.

The weekend featured its very own Shattered Grounds Live league complete with a custom page in the battle journal and numerous commendations to earn. It also featured some very special season models for the league season that one or more staffers will be sure to blog about a bit in future articles. Last but not least, it featured several special scenario tables called Gauntlet Challenge tables.

Players could challenge Privateer Press staff members on the Gauntlet Challenge tables in order to test their mettle and try out unique play elements never before seen in WARMACHINE or HORDES organized play. All of the Gauntlet Challenge tables attracted players (and, at times, onlookers), but I’ve got to admit that I’m a bit partial to the table I ran all weekend…

The Doomjack Gauntlet

For this Gauntlet Challenge, I played a single model (the giant resin kit Slayer) against an entire opposing army list, or at times, two opposing army lists. I had six variations of the monstrosity for various levels of play: 25-point, 35-point, 50-point, team 35-point, team 50-point, and a version intended for facing off against up to four 50-point armies at once.

The Cryxian doomjack, Apollyon, struggled out of the gate, losing 3 out of the first 5 games, but I hit my stride after that and piloted him to victory in a little over half of my overall 13 games during the course of the Invitational. Nearly every game was a very close, hard-fought battle with either the players or Apollyon nearly besting their foe only to fall in combat later.

One of the most memorable moments was Lucas’ clever play that completely locked Apollyon down for a turn despite suffering heavy early casualties and the mighty doomjack’s numerous immunity and cancellation effects.

The other memorable moment was definitely Bill and Jason’s remarkable feat of not only defeating Apollyon but also defeating a tougher version than their army point size was intended to handle. If anyone was qualified to do it, the team of Butcher and Karchev with ten warjacks certainly was. Even with eight Khador wrecks littering the battlefield and mechanika components sprayed all over the place, they persevered and pulled it off. Congrats, again, guys.

I can’t say for sure what the future holds for Apollyon. Maybe you’ll see him at Gen Con or in No Quarter, or maybe he’ll sit on the shelf until next year’s Invitational. Whatever the future holds, though, it was a unique and enjoyable experience, and I want to send a heartfelt “thanks” out to all my great opponents during the Invitational. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

I’ll wrap up this blog now and leave you with some pictures of Apollyon in action…